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The Hidden Agenda Of New Imperialism

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1890s was a decade which represented the peak of the imperial power and glory. The 20th century brought with him a new form of imperialism known as New Imperialism. This concretely referred to the colonial expansion that the Europe’s powers did during that period. Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee exhibited the power and wealth that the British Empire possessed to the entire world. Such demonstrations could only be matched by the French, Dutch and Russians which possessed similarly wealthy empires. Evidently, many other nations aspired and envied those wealthy nations because their nations had not conquered large empires. Most noteworthy among these nations were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy and Japan. These were countries in the making which had yet to possess a definitive territory and thus were seeking ways of expanding in order to claim some of the so-called imperial glory. Germany and Austria-Hungary precedent aside now worked hands in hands towards opportunities to expand such as the Ottoman Empire which was in decline in Central Europe. To the “German” question one would argue that New Imperialism made each nation responsible for starting World War I and not Germany itself.
Austria-Hungary, after the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878), annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina in hopes of pushing southward into Serbia, which had recently regained its independence from Ottoman Turkey. The Dual Alliance (1879-1918) between Germany and Austria-Hungary pledged to ensure each other supports in case of a Russian attack as well as neutrality would another European country attack one of them. Russia, which occupied Poland at the time, is uncertain of what to conquer but is aware of German and Austria-Hungary interest into expanding into Russian territory. Russia searched an ally to help with the threat that Germany represented while France aimed to get revenge on Germany for their loss of Alsace and Lorraine during the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871). From this common objective emerged the Franco-Russian Alliance (1892-1917) which would later be joined by the Anglo-Russian Entente (1907) and the Entente Cordiale (1904) in order to form the famous Triple Entente (1907) between Britain, France, and Russia.
As Austria- Russian heir Franz Ferdinand was sent to Sarajevo in order to inspect the Austro-Hungarian troops there, he was assassinated on June 28th 1914 by a Serbian terrorist group known as Black Hand. This event is considered as being the physical catalyst; one event led to the other. Following this event, on the 6th July 1914, a telegram was sent by the German Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, to the German Ambassador at Vienna. This telegram also known as the “blank cheque” assures Austria-Hungary that could rely on German support for whatever actions Austria would choose to take following...

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