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The Hidden Truth To Success Essay

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An outlier is an individual with excessive ability that reaches high above the average of society and the common person’s achievements. Malcolm Gladwell, a national best-selling author, explains in the novel “Outliers” a deeper reasoning as to why some people reach high and above others in activity or intelligence. Gladwell proves his theory with the use of logos by supporting his points with facts and statistics. The author is unbiased in his approach to do so, and he strictly attempts to give opposition to the idea of luck. Additionally, he writes the story to teach, delight, and enlighten his audience by taking a deeper step into the reasoning to success. Gladwell’s intended audience is people interested in the topic of why average people become so successful or Outliers themselves. Outliers are not a result of pure luck, rather there are multiple underlying reasons that give great explanation as to why some exceed so well in society. Gladwell effectively convinces his audience with the use of statistics and cultural information, that success is more than hard work or one’s extreme luck.
Malcolm Gladwell effectively arranges his novel with the use of organized studies and logos. The author additionally creates the novel by using description and gives written representation along with background stories of the Outliers. By stating liable information about the Outliers, Gladwell effectively shows that there is more hidden reasoning to success in society. The author avoids having many weaknesses or flaws and strongly provides a great deal of evidence that is factual. He uses charts, and describes how being born in specific time periods could determine one’s future. The only weakness is that there may be more underlying causes to these Outliers than Gladwell provides, and he could have been more effective if he refuted these other theories. Gladwell makes the assumption that success is not a result of pure luck and that there are more reasons that contribute to this high intelligence. Gladwell lacks refutation in some cases when attempting to disprove other ideas, but when he does refute, he does so strongly and effectively. The reason society believes people are so successful is usually due to the idea of genetics or just luck in general, but Gladwell strongly disproves these ideas by using information unknown to most.
Truly, Gladwell creates a strong connection between the reader and the information given by the use of rhetorical devices and his writing style. The two styles Gladwell uses are length/style of sentences and rhythm/repetition. The style used most frequently is repetition, and the author does this by repeatedly giving factual information by...

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