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The Concept Of Change ... And Changing Perspectives

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Changing perspectives…Change is a process, a transition or an alteration that affects different aspects of our life. As a result the forces of change can seriously affect the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of individuals. The affects of change can have a positive or negative outcome. These affects can be viewed in all three of the texts that we have studied for the Area of Study. Change is a part of life and whether or not we like that aftermath of the particular aspect of the change it will happen, you can put it off and put it off but sooner or later it will happen. Change is also unavoidable. To examine change and changing perspectives the following texts will be assessed the core text in the area of study "Looking for Alibrandi" the novel by Melina Marchetta, the supplementary text "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian and the text from the prescribed Stimulus booklet was the poem "The Door" by Miroslav Houlb.Change is evident in so many aspects of life, positive examples of change are evident in the novel Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. Looking for Alibrandi is modeled on Melina Marchetta's own life experiences. It is about a girl in her teen years and the changes that take place in her life.The prominent setting of Josie's story takes place in her home town, Sydney. The story is essentially about Josephine Alibrandi or Josie as she is known by her friends and the changes that take place in her life and many other teenagers that she comes in contact with on a day to day basis. The most obvious piece of evidence in "Looking for Alibrandi" of a changed perspective is Michael Andretti's (Josie's father) perspective of his daughter Josie. His original perspective of Josie was that she was a mere complication and he did not want her nor he to play a role in each others lives. This can be viewed when Michael states "I do not want her, I do not want to see her. I do not want to love her. I do not want a complication in my life." (Page 65) All this changed when Josie leaves her date with Jacob Coote and is walking by herself down the streets of Sydney. Michael drives past and picks her up and takes her out for dinner and they chat casually about many different things. After this night the relationship between the two of them grows and finally evolves into a beautiful relationship. Michael gives Josie a job at his business and takes her on a trip to Adelaide with him, the bond is as strong as ever. They work on making their relationship stronger and then Michael finally asks Josie if she would think about changing her name to Josephine Andretti. This results in a mutual respect for both Josie and Michael. In this case the effects of change was a positive one.A changed perspective can be positive or negative. A changed perspective in "Looking for Alibrandi" is Josie's perspective of John Barton. In the beginning of Josie and John's relationship Josie stated that John was the love of her life and if she could get any more out of life was to...

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