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The Concept Of Digital Activism And The Socio Political Role Of An Individual In Today's Postmodern Global Village

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Digital activism can be defined as the use of the internet and social networks such as various blogs, Facebook and Twitter. By using these various social networks, people are able to promote certain ideas as well as raising issues of what is happening around the world around us hereby gaining support against these matters.

Ai Weiwei stated that “the internet is uncontrollable. And if the internet is uncontrollable, freedom will win.” From this statement we gather that by using the internet, we can make a change in the world around us. This is done by providing information about certain events that are happening in a specific place in order to try and gain support in order to improve and rectify the problem.

A perfect example of this is the abduction of schoolgirls in Nigeria. Within the next couple of days of this information being published, people took to social networks and showed their support by posting the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls. This ignited everyone all other the world to show their support for the families of those missing girls. Political figures as well as celebrities have used this as a “calling for justice” thereby alerting the rest of the world about human trafficking and women’s rights.

Digital activism and User-Generated Content play a major role in today’s Postmodern Global Village. It enables people to freely voice their opinions and bring light onto certain matters that may not be deemed as important. The internet and social networking has enabled these matters to be addressed and to attract the support of people worldwide.

An individual in today’s Postmodern Global Village has a socio-political role. A socio-political role is described as an overlapping of both political and social factors. These social and political factors have a great influence on people as they can either make or break laws in order for everyone to develop a voice. It enables the majority of the population to become involved as it creates a sense of normality which is defined by the majority of the population.

The concept digital activism and the socio-political role of an individual today have a major impact on our world. Individuals now have access to the “uncontrollable” internet which enables them to voice their opinions without censorship. Unfortunately in some countries, such as China, several social media websites have been banned and censored. Popular websites in China such as Weibo and twitter enable this digital activism to be brought to life in order for the Chinese people to raise awareness to the issues and problems happening around them. They attract the attention of the Chinese government in order to fix these problems such as the when a Chinese migrant worker made a parody / protest video demanding her missing unpaid wages of $560,000 USD. This video went viral.

Another example was when the Environmental Protection Bureau refused to acknowledge all the pollution in the polluted river they oversee. The environmental protection...

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