The Concept Of Efficiency With Respect To Process In Business Management

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Simplify process of production is a way to improve efficacy in business. In past, people have used steam engine in the first industrial revolution and changed the all over the world, and in the last century assembly line have simplify production in lots of factories. Still now, the assembly line is popular in many developing countries, because most companies move their factories, production department or let original equipment manufacturer (OEM) produce their goods. This essay will introduce and discuss the assembly line and industrial robots in developing countries. It will first discuss and describe assembly line and industrial robots with the present time, then suggest some possible solutions.

Change process of production and assembling is a way to save the cost and time of product. It working like that goods of discrete parts moving from one workstation to next workstation at a controlled rate, following the order needed to make the product. (Chase, Aquilano, Jacobs,1998:97) Many factories are focus on how to be the production optimize, because it not only reduce the cost but also could reduce the lead time. Swan (2013) state that in 1908 Henry Ford released the Ford’s first car that Model T. However after he invented assembly line, the cost of car reduce form $825 (1910) to $290 (1925). Nowadays, the assembly line is still popular around the world.

Assembly line has two points of benefit that Specialization of labor and Uniform product. Firstly, the significant advantage as Hamel (2013) reported that assembly line allows workers and machines to focus on specific parts, which can increase efficiency of production. Large assembly line can mass production of goods and the high productivity of mass production could reduce the cost per unit produced than other manufacturing methods. Also he said that Uniform product is another advantage, because the regimented production process could help uniform product be higher quality. All of those benefits could help factory get efficiency better.

However, Assembly line also has many risks that like human resource and wages. In most assembly lines, it needs lots of people to work. This issue will make human resource and manage to be difficult. For the large number of people, the company not only employs more first-line managers and pay also need pay more wages. Secondly, for the wages, in future it is a big risk for business. Tian (2013) report that in Zhejiang province China, the average assembly line wages have raised from 2005 to 2012, form $2,425 to $ 6750 per year. In nearly future it would not descend.

At the present time, more new technologies are developing such as industrial robot, and it going to replace worker who work on assembly-line. Bengtson (2010) has shown the 4 advantages of robotics that high quality, efficiency, ability to work in dangerous environments and freedom form human limitations. Firstly, robot could work in the environment that for human unhealthy such as room of vehicle...

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