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The Concept Of Existence After Death

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Death is a controversial topic that most people in society tend to avoid. Death is often difficult to talk about regarding people. People often tend to lean towards having insight and control on everything in this world. Death is one thing that people cannot have control over or do not completely understand. Death often results in sadness for friends and love ones who wont see that person anymore. Death in a sense is unclear to individuals sense there is no scientific proof to understand what happens when a person dies. There are various beliefs of what happens when a person dies, according to different cultures. Some have a stance as seeing death as termination from existence. Others have ...view middle of the document...

Rationalism deals with what proving knowledge through your mind. There is no way though to prove life after death through rationalism since life after death is based on faith. The famous philosopher Plato examined the subject of life after death. He felt that there had to be a higher realm that was stable and unchanging since our world was in a constant state of instability. He used the example of there are multiple beautiful things in the world but they change and can loss their beauty. Thus the characteristic of beauty itself must be beyond the material world. This is what makes everything that is beautiful in this world, is that of a greater realm . To sum it up the supernatural world is more real than the natural world. This goes the same for life after death. People poses a spirit, which makes their human flesh alive and when the flesh dies the spirit departs since it is immortal.
Free will is an option that every human being poses. People often chose what they want during their entire life, even regarding serving God. Free will is often based on an individual’s desires. People are pleasure seekers and tend to do things that are beneficial in some sense. People have the choice when it comes to serving God. We are all not robot and are not forced into serving him. We can choose to serve him or ignore him our entire lives. So when a person dies and goes to Hell they can only look at themselves since they had free will to chose him or chose their lifestyle. God never rejects anyone, but loves every single person and wants him or her to want him. Regarding desires leading a person’s free will, an individual has to desire God to want to serve him. Plato...

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