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The Concept Of Football In America

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Eight-Man Football
Dylan Klassen
Geog 291: Geography of Sports and Recreation
Professor Helmer
March 28, 2014

Football has been a very important part of American culture especially in the last 50 years. Football is now the most followed by sport in America. There are many different levels that football is played. For example, there is professional, semi-pro, college, high school and pop warner. Fans from all over are passionate at each level of football. Professional and college football are by far the most popular and contains the biggest fan base. It can easily be argued that high school football has some of the most passionate fans.
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Kicks that went into the end zone were automatically considered a touchback unlike college where kicks can be taken out of the end zone (
In order to keep the game fair for the high school teams the schools had to be categorized by the number of student enrollment. Teams that had a high enrollment most likely would have had better athletes than schools with a low enrolment. This is because it is assumed that the schools with more students meant that they would have more athletes. Schools at the very bottom of the classifications often times did not have the amount of athletes to field an entire eleven man team. This is how six, eight, and nine man football was formed. These schools that were not big enough to field a full size team most often came in rural area or small private schools. Different states came up with their own versions of the smaller scale football game. There are certain rules that are the same across the board but smaller things such as field size can vary from state to state.

Eight-man football is played similarly to the traditional eleven-man game. All of the fundamentals of the game are the same, such as blocking tackling and hitting. Players and coaches take the game just as seriously as any of the others playing eleven-man. The fact of the matter is that there are three less players on the field at a time. On the offensive side of the ball two of the players taken off of the field that are the offensive tackles. The other player can be taken out at a number of positions, either a player in the backfield or a player at the receiver position.
A typical eight-man offense will have two guards and a center on the offensive line. The tight ends can either line up next to the guards or out wide as wide outs. The backfield normally consists of the quarterback, fullback and halfback. The most common formation would be a pro-set where there are two tight ends and two backs in the backfield along with the quarterback. In this type of formation running plays are the most effective because of the amount of people there are in formation at the line of scrimmage. The downside of this is that passing the ball can be more difficult because there is not as much space for the receivers to get open. (Garrity, 2003)
There are a number of different formations that can be ran in eight-man football that can be different from this norm. Some teams can try to run versions of a spread offense where they will have three or four receivers spread out wide with an empty backfield besides the quarterback. Some teams will have one person spread out wide and another in the formation as a tight end. Under center, pistol, and shotgun formations are all used in eight-man football just like they are in eleven-man.
There are a number of different combinations that are possible in eight-man football. Coaches will typically choose what kind of offense they run by the type of players they have at their disposal. A team that has...

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