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The proper definition of nursing is to provide care for the sick and unwell. People have many different definitions of nursing in their own words. Some people define nursing as the physical and emotional support towards an individual or groups. Others describe it as the prevention of injuries or diagnosed illnesses. Nursing is one of those things that help people gain knowledge of others while providing good service with kindness. Furthermore, nursing can be put into many different words; one just has to know the reason and success behind it in order to understand.
When a person is in poor state of health, they need someone to nurse them back to their wellness. In order for a person to nurse someone, they have to have certain qualities to accomplish it. Those qualities include good communications, kindness, being reasonable, understanding, caring, patience and etc. Not everyone can maintain all ...view middle of the document...

In a way, the nurses have to put themselves in a patient's shoes, to think exactly like them. The patients feel the need to know that they are important to the nurses and that they will obey their wishes. No matter what the circumstances are, nurses have to try their best to always be there for their patients. Nurses have to listen to their patients and get to know how they feel. Nurses have to understand their patients and make them feel comfortable, so that they know they are being taken good care of.
Nurses play a huge role in acting as a leader to their patients and just people in general. Leadership is one of the things they carry around and that can be overwhelming at times. Patients always take upon a nurse's orders and follow in their footsteps. All patients know that the facts and advices given by a nurse are for their benefits. Nursing is one of those professions where helping people no matter what means everything. That's the main purpose of being a nurse, helping people who need them in health.
The ethics of caring for a patient plays a huge role in nursing. A nurse has to be committed to their work and be devoted to it. It has to be done in a well mannered behavior. Nurses should never differentiate and address their patients within different cultures and communities. All patients should be treated with fair and equal care. Nurses should be aware of the comfort level of their patients and communicate well throughout the process with high importance and respect. This gives nurses and the patients to have a positive relationship as well as a good experience.
Nursing is the pursuit of love, knowledge and the beliefs of ones own will. To promote a good foundation between a nurse and a patient, there has to be a connection of trust and well-being. The ultimate goal of a nurse is to love the work and knowledge throughout the career. To understand the health of patients and to leave a positive influence on them. Nursing is something that is used on a regular and daily basis and is something that is practiced every day. The assistance of a nurse is incorporated in many different ways and is seen very often. It is something done out of love, care and actions.

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