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The Concept Of Other Essay

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According to Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex,” every one created different, distinguished from all their surroundings; therefore every one is the original version of his or herself. The vision of this originality people see within them created the urge to find ways to better the world in their own way. However the differences between people’s originality created the sense of not belonging in a certain group; despite the fact it is true in many cases, people should value and respect others originality.
Every one considers his or herself as the original and that he or she tends to compare him or herself to those who are different and consider them as the other. Those who commit this ...view middle of the document...

For example, the groups of people who anti abortion believe that they are speaking for those have no tongue, the fetus. That they are fighting for equality in the society. On the other hand, those who support abortion believe that they are working in the effort of raising the equality, in this case for women. This happens because the right to abortion gives women the right to control of their life, and their body. In short, although people around the globe continuously seek for solution to problems to ensure that societies around the globe will become better; however, they approach such problems from different aspect, which created their oppositions.
Although people around the globe are searching for the solution in making life better, yet, they approach from different aspects, which make them different. This leads to the separation and expose a sense of not belonging in a different groups of people. It is undeniable that one will see his or herself as distinguished from the other category. That the group others are the opposite or at least carry some characteristics that is different from him or her, which can also shaped one’s decision in consider him or herself as the other to the group. For instance, when a child avoids playing with a group of other children at the park because he sees that they are not similar to him, that they do not play the same game. Although at this time the child does not know such emotion, deep inside him he have decided that he is the other to that...

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