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Power was always perceived as a gauge by nations’ military might and ability to impose its will on others; however since taking this course, the perception has changed. There are multiple definitions of power. Power can be used to influence other nations to meet the host nation’s intent. Power can be interpreted through economic influence or old fashion brute force among many things. In essence, power is the means in which influence is bestowed unto nations, or in general in order to maintain order or get what is needed.
The biggest influence on politic power is money. No one can live without it and we all want more of it. Money can mean the difference between jobs, roads, education, or military strength. Without money, a country would become stagnant and not able to accomplish anything. Therefore, withholding money is a form of power in which to cripple an opponent and make it cooperate with another country’s agenda. Cutting off commerce with a nation would hurt both sides, but if one economy is stronger than the other, it could pressure the other country to be more cooperative.
The United States uses its power to influence nations through economic and political means. Such power relies on the fact that the United States has a major role in controlling the free market because of the high numbers of exports. For example, North Korea receives humanitarian relief from the United States, this is a form of control that they have over this country because if that was cut off, people would not have as many opportunities. Another example would be China. China’s economy has always relied heavily on the United States if the U.S. were to cut off their access to our market; they would be severely crippled and their entire economy would likely collapse. These examples reflect that the United States’ is a major player in the world’s economic power. According to Kimberly Amadeo, About.Com, “The United States makes up 20% of the world’s economy.” Cutting off ties to the U.S. market would create a major deficit throughout other nations that heavily depend on our spending power.
Using means other than military force can be overall more effective. Having the ability to meet the objective without resorting to violence proves a higher moral standard and sensibility. It also allows other nations to be more approachable on other issues that they are trying to solve amongst each other. This does not mean that military action is obsolete; however military responses are a decisive act to a political agenda. It should always be considered, but not always utilized. People have been around for such a long time that it is only right that we consider new ways to solve our differences.
Alliances between countries are another example of how to project power. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, is one of many examples. It would first put together to deter Soviet aggression during the Cold War. The Soviet Union created the Warsaw Pact to counter...

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