The Concept Of Redesigning Job Tasks And Motivating The Employees

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The concept of job design is not newly introduced; Frederick Winslow Taylor was the first to initiate the concept of redesigning job tasks and motivating the employees to optimizing their performance in early 20th century. Job design is an effectual tool for enhancing the employee’s performance. Job design includes techniques that encourage employees to execute productive results. It can be defined as “the application of motivational theories to the structure of work for improving productivity and satisfaction” (draft, 1994). It can also be defined as “changing the content and process of the job to increase the employees satisfaction, motivation and productivity” (knapp and mujtaba, 2010). Jon design is basically a technique to reduce the negative impact of monotonous job tasks. Variety or change is needed in the job tasks to keep employees motivated towards work. Rearranging the job activities increases the positive impact on employee’s morale and avidity for work.
The purpose of conducting this research is to identify that how work design affects on employees performance and how motivation helps to influence the employees to actively perform job tasks, that whether job design maximize performance or not.
Job design should be aligned with the employee’s capabilities or desire. Employees are an important asset of any organization so, organization should make sure that whether their employees are satisfied with their roles or not. Work design according to one’s own choice brings involvement and satisfaction among employees. It is foremost responsibility of HR department to understand the significance of job design because improved job design will lead to employee’s satisfaction and will result in better performance.
The aim of conducting this research is to analyze the impact of job design on employee’s performance. The job design includes job enrichment, job enlargement and job rotation, these are the factors that plays vital role in job design. This research reveals the importance of these factors with motivation.
Literature review:
Job design: As stated by Opatha (2002) “job design is the function of arranging tasks, duties and responsibilities in to an organizational unit of work”. Job design is a process of arranging job contents in a way to achieve...

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