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The Concorde Project Essay

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Contents:AbstractBackground1. Stakeholders analysis2. Reasons of underestimating the budget and time of the Concorde project3. Implementing good Project Management methodology4. Technical success and commercial failure of the Concorde project management5. Evaluation of the Concorde projectConclusionReferencesAbstractThe aim of this paper is to present the history of the Anglo French Concorde project and to assess its process from the start in 1956 until the last flight of a Concorde airliner in 2003. This paper should also give proper and justified answers to such problems as budget and time escalation, it should explain how this could have been avoided by implementing useful project management methods. And also should give a evaluation of the whole project itself.BackgroundPeople always dreamed about flying, when it was finally possible at the beginning of XIX century they wanted to fly faster, safer and cheaper. Those dreams were the base for a new idea to fly faster than the speed of sound. After the Second World War the aircraft industry was technologically prepared to produce a supersonic plane, however it was a demanding task to built a supersonic airliner.There were four countries which had interest and the possibility of making the idea into reality: Great Britain, France, USA and Russia. All of those countries had their own research and development departments that were working on creating the fastest plane in the world. This was a political game, USA and Russia have focused on space flight programmes such as sending first man to the moon and supersonic transport (SST) was not the priority. The biggest effort to start the project made England, although in time they realised that this mission is to large for them on they own (Clarke, 1976).Britain was falling in the worlds aircraft industry chart in the early 50's, partially because of the failure of the Comet project, which could not stand the completion of a larger Boeing 707 airliner from America. That is why they needed a success badly and the best idea to gain prestige was to create the first supersonic jet (Costello, 1971). To begin the project British government on 5th of November 1956 established the Supersonic Transport Aircraft Committee (STAC) (CONCORDE SST, 2008). Feasibility studies were started at the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough and other Britain's aircraft and engine manufacture centres, what took Great Britain to be the world leader in this field at the end of the decade. On the 9th of March 1956 STAC recommended the design studies for 2 supersonic jets, one medium - range (1500 miles), to fly at a speed of Mach 1.2, second long - range (300 miles) with maximum speed of Mach 2.0 (Francis Media, 2008).The next step was to gain money, manpower and more research and development for this project. This was the major factor to follow the path to cooperation with another country. The most profitable choice seemed to be USA, since they had over 85% of the world...

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