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The Confederate And Union War Essay

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Chapter 14: What did the Union soldiers believe they were fighting for? What did the Confederate soldiers believe they were fighting for?
According to the text on a larger scale, both the Union soldiers and the Confederate soldiers had stirred feelings of patriotism while fighting the war. They both thought that when they were enlisted that it would be a short war, which wasn’t so true after all. To clearly answer the question at stake, the Union soldiers thought they were fighting to preserve the feral union. They wanted to restore what the text referred to as the shattered nation as well as invade and conquer an larger area than wester Europe.
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Most soldiers are pretty much politically educated but care more about the well-being of the people of the country than what the chief commander actually and initially issued the enlistment for.

Chapter 13: Analyze the arguments of the Free Soil Party. How did its members understand freedom? How did slavery fit into their platform?
The term “Free Soil” seemed to be very controversial during that time era because of it’s demand and stipulations. Actually, the Free Soil position seemed to be very popular with much appeal in the North, and was seen fairly different from the idea of abolishment. It became so popular in the North because it was well known that it could possibly reduce the power that the Federal Government held in the South. The Free Soil Party was such a controversial position mainly because the Northerners knew that Congress did not hold the proper constitutional power to abolish slavery in separate states, so they were pretty much banking on the Free Soil Appeal to demand equality for blacks.
According to the text, it seems that the Free Soil members understood the concept of both slavery and freedom very well. In fact, the Free Soil Party was created in 1848 by the opponents of slavery’s expansion. Martin Van Buren was nominated as president and Charles Francis Adams as his running mate. These two men, and past president and the son of a past president, both left their former political parties in order to facilitate the Free Soil Party. This actually showed the seriousness and popularity of antislavery which also made others socially aware that it was much on the far side of abolishment.
From further studying the text, I believe that the members of the Free Soil Party were actually very passionate of what it actually stood for. As stated above, the fact that these men left their former tasks to ensure the South’s power could be reduced which would effect slavery shows that it surely fit their platforms. Not only would it reduce the power of the South but it would also bar slavery from western territories and also for the Federal Government to allow free homesteads to settlers in the new territories. This was definitely enough to allow the members to not only understand the concept of a slavery but also withstand it on their own platforms.
With the Free Soil Party mainly trying to oppose the idea of expanding slavery into western territories, they did not want slave plantations to be occupied on the western soil because in fact the North would be affected in terms of migration. In retrospect, Wilmot himself did not care much about the positive effect this would have on the slaves but more so the rights and impact it might bring to free white men. This definitely shows that these men definitely understood the cause and effect of what they were up against and they declared exactly what the name insisted; freedom of the soil.

Chapter 11: How did master’s manage their plantations? What were the...

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