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In the poem "The Conflict" C. Day Lewis describes being in the midst of human conflict. Since the beginning of mankind, conflicts have been a part of society no matter how big or small. An example of a big conflict is the way some Quebec citizens felt when they were voting in the referendum. A small conflict we might face is whether to buy a hamburger or a hot dog. A conflict is a struggle, a difference of ideas. Conflicts come in all different shapes, sizes, textures and complexities.The feelings expressed at the beginning of the poem are those of solitude and grace. Almost like trying to keep our spirits up when a situation is pulling us down. And yet as pressure builds up, such as the precipitation in clouds, '…the storm-cocks sing…' to forewarn of the storm approaching. Before the thunder and lightning arrive, we feel peace when we are just '… outside the ring…' Like a child unaware of the complications his parents face in their relationship until they decided to separate or file for divorce. All of a sudden he is caught in the storm and looking for answers as to what caused this, in his perspective, sudden clash of ideas. Living '…between two massing powers…' often causes feelings of despair and loneliness where we just want to be alone and when bystanders such as family and friends who provide 'neutrality' try and comfort us we often push them away.'None such shall be left alive;' goes to show that everyone loses in wars that are caused by mere disagreements....

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1274 words - 5 pages The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a never-ending problem facing the two states. It began in the 19th century during the Ottoman or British rule. This was between the Arabs living in Palestine and the Jews living in Israel. It was Zionism for the Jews against Arab nationalism. This conflict was known as the Arab-Israeli conflict. The main issues were; border disputes, security, the control of Jerusalem, recognition as well as Palestinian

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