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The Conflict Between Assad And The Rebels In Syria

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There have been many conflicts throughout the world. When people think of conflicts, the primary reaction is negative. However, conflict could possibly be a good thing since change could possibly occur. Without conflict, everything would remain hegemonious and the status quo would remain. The conflicts that occur throughout the world can be two countries fighting each other, or countries that are fighting within. One major example is Syria, and their civil war that is going on between Assad dynasty and the rebels.
The conflict that is taking place now is the Civil War that is going on in Syria. One of the events that led to the war was a previous war that took place prior to that. In 1976, “the last round of the civil war began after the regime of Hafez-al-Assad intervened in the Lebanon War” (Robinson, 331). The intervention had international support, but it came with controversy at home. Syrian forces had to come to the aid of Christians in Lebanon of who they were on the “verge of defeat at the hands of Muslim forces”. “This was seen by pious Sunni Muslims in Syria as proof positive of the heretical nature of the Assad regime” (Robinson, 331). Assassinations would later occur and almost collapsed the Assad government. However, that civil war resolved when Assad collaborated with the Sunni on launching an “assault on Hama,” which was the power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. The first civil war ended, but that was only the beginning since another civil war reemerged and occurs to the present day.
Triggering Event
The current civil war started when “regime thugs brutalized boys who were writing anti-regime graffiti on walls in Dara’a” (Robinson, 333). This was an example of the control using the tactic of suppression towards the agitators when the regime physically assaulted the boys who were writing graffiti against the regime. Robinson stated that there is no freedom of speech, thus the suppression towards the agitators. The current civil war had “25,000 to 30,000 people killed, and in both cases, the root issues and the competing sides have been the same: a minority based regime” (331). The war is not just an issue between Assad (the control) and the rebels (the agitators). It can also be a human rights issue as well. A human rights issue that has occurred in Syria was the brainwashing of children to use as “child soldiers”. These child soldiers were “reported to be engaged in various mass atrocities perpetrated against the children of the opposition” (Grover, 2012). Acts of the child soldiers had them killing other children, and using them as human shields, and were identified as themselves as people under the age of 18 and serve roles that children should not be doing at that age. If there is any chance of eliminating this problem, it must be acknowledged throughout the entire world before it falls on deaf ears and becomes too late.
The war also divided the people of differing religious ideologies between...

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