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The conflict in Darfur refers to the fighting that is happening in the western region of Sudan known as Darfur. These fights have been taking place since 2003 and have continued to today. Similarities can be made to the Rwandan Genocide; there is a government funded and armed militia that is not officially supported by the government that is killing a local population. The citizens of the region of Darfur that are being killed are not Arabic, like the majority of the rest of Sudan is, however, they are more similar in culture and other aspects to the citizens of South Sudan, Sudan’s neighboring country to the south with which Sudan has had multiple wars with. Despite the fact that there is a militia that is killing citizens, there are also other militias that are fighting for the Darfuri people. These two sides have been fighting each other for close to ten years. Even though citizens of a certain group are being targeted by a militia, the conflict in Darfur is not a genocide. The United States should not get involved militarily in this conflict because it is only a conflict and not a genocide. It is a war between two groups over disputes between these groups. Instead, the United States should use diplomacy to help end the conflict happening in Darfur.
A genocide is the systematic attempt to eliminate a group of people based on race, religion, ethnicity, or other defining group characteristic. This should not be misconstrued with a war between two groups where each group is of a different religious, ethnic, or racial group. Even though a large number of people in a common group die, that would not be a genocide because the two groups are fighting each other.
The events happening in Darfur are not a genocide. A group of people, the Janjaweed, are fighting for and with the Sudanese government, which is mostly controlled by people who are Arabic, against the multiple non-Arab peoples in the region of Darfur in western Sudan. Most of the population on both sides of the conflict are Muslim, so religion is not an issue. The real issue could only be race or ethnicity. The rebel groups fighting for the Darfuri people are fighting for equality. They are comprised of the non-Arab population that is in Darfur. The current Sudanese government is made up of mostly Arabs and is favorable towards Arab people and not towards black people. This has gotten so bad that some people are even using the term apartheid to describe the segregation. However, the majority of Arab people in Darfur and near it remain out of this conflict, so that rules out elimination based on race.
The Janjaweed work with the Sudanese army to fight the rebels and their relating peoples. They often partner with the Sudanese Air Force to conduct raids and destroy villages. The rebel groups also raid Sudanese police and Air Force bases. While the the rebels are fighting for equality, smaller groups in Darfur are fighting over its scarce resources like water. At some times, these resource...

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