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Throughout history many books have been burned, banned and challenged. You may or may not have heard of a book being banned or burned. The censorship of books is done far more often then you would believe. Books are challenged all the time. Sometimes it is just a small group of people challenging it, and sometimes it can range to a large mass of people all coming together. Book burning is a very strong form of censorship. If someone is burning a book it is because they have stronger feelings against it then if they were to just challenge it. Books are burned, banned, and challenged for many different reasons.
Book burning is when people burn books almost in a ceremonial fashion. A lot of times they burn books because they don't agree with the information or ideas that are in them. The most famous book burning on May 10, 1933 when the nazi regime had a precedent in nineteenth century.(book burning in history) 40,000 people gathered that day to witness it. They burned upwards of 25,000 books for what they thought was a "cleansing"(Book Burning In History). The author of burning books and leveling libraries: Extremist violence and cultural destruction, Rebecca Knuth, told CBC news that book burnings" are highly symbolic. When you destroy a book you are destroying your enemy and your enemy's beliefs. "(Book burning in history)
A banned book is a book that once was on the shelves of libraries, classrooms, and stores but has been removed because of its controversial content. Book burning is done as a way of censorship. ( what is a banned book) It is usually banned by the government. In past times possession of banned books has had very serious punishments such as death, torture, prison time, or other acts of retribution. Books are often challenged because of their political, sexual, or social views.
The Scarlet Letter is a book about a woman names Hester that immigrates from Europe before her husband does.(spark notes) They plan on meeting up with each other but the woman is soon convinced that her husband is lost at sea. She commits adultery with the town minister and conceives a child. The husband shows up with a secret identity and revenge in his heart. Readers believed that the author sided with Hester and the minister more than he should have because of moral beliefs at the time. (Banned books that shaped America) At the time adultery was a very serious crime but nowadays it is just frowned upon. That is why when the book is...

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