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The Conflict: One State Solution Essay

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Since 1920, about 115,000 people have been killed as a direct effect of the violence in Palestine and Israel. (2014 Index of Economic Freedom.) The One State Solution will only work if both sides commit to a democracy, separation of state and religion and an end to violence. They have to learn to do these soon because if they don’t everyone in Palestine and Israel will be wiped out.
Making a One State Solution will make one strong economy. Right now, in the two countries, people are not allowed to work in a different state then they live in. This hurts both states because there are fewer workers and not as many different minds. In the West Bank, the main Palestine work place is road blocked by the Israelis which make it hard to get through to work. Israeli road blocks in the West Bank cost the Palestinian economy $3.4 billion dollars or 35% of the GDP each year (2014 Index of Economic Freedom.) In Palestine the main export is olives. Since 1967, Oxfam has estimated the Israelis have dug up 800,000 olive trees. This is a major set back for Palestine families, which cost them 12.3 million dollars a year according to the UN. This money is wasted just because one of the leaders wants more control of a State. Palestine’s economy relies on international aid mostly from the U.S. This is not a good way to get an economy back up and running and keep it strong. Palestine needs the Israelis’ help.
40 percent of Israel’s GDP is due to the exports of goods(2014 Index of Economic Freedom). Israel’s economy ranks fifth in the region according to The Heritage Fountain.
The one state solution would resolve many problems within the economy. There will be no borders, therefore people could find work throughout the state and this will make for better workers with the right skills for the job. With more people going to work more taxes can go into the economy. With one state there will be one powerful economy that can succeed mostly on its own instead of one struggling economy and one mediocre economy. With a large state it will give the government more resources, more ports, and more transportation vehicles to export all there goods, which in turn will benefit the overall economy. One state solution will make the economy grow bigger and stronger than ever before.
Right now democracy in Palestine is at a stand still. With elections that have not happened since 2006 the system is not working to its full potential. The leader of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas, has been in a power for 18 years (Information about Israel : Government). Mahmoud Abbas, will not step down even though his term ended several years ago. In 2006, the Hamas won the elections but were rejected by the West. The Fatah has stayed in power leading to the spilt of the two parties. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip and Fatah the rest. Israel’s government closely resembles democracy. Their government has a legislative and an executive authority. The executive authority is headed by the Prime...

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