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The Conflicts In Chad Essay

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The Chadian Government just got done with a war that lasted a year between them and the rebel forces inN'Djamena. But even after the war security forces for the Chadian Government still continue to break Human Rights Laws by carrying out murder, which violates the human right to live, torture, Which violates the human right to live in safety, and forced disappearances, this violates everybodies human right to live in safety and freedom (“Amnesty Wants Chad…”). Another big thing going on in Chad is a huge conflict between the government and Sudan. Sudan has terrorized civilians of Chad to the point that they flee. This has gone on to the point that the civilians are afraid to return to Chad because they fear the violence starting back up again (“Emergency Relief…”). According to Mr. Holmes attacks on humanitarian workers in Chad from Sudan has reached an all time high in 2008 with over 261 carjackings and 172 compounds broken into. Mr. Holmes has made many visits asking the Sudanese Government to respect the Humanitarian, Personnel, and aid efforts. After all of his efforts though the tension in the African nations are starting to ease (“Emergency Relief…”). Also Chad has it’s own local problems with banditry and criminality, this is due to their lack law around the towns. I believe that Chad could function better if they followed the Human Rights Laws. I believe this because without torture they would have more civilians to help with their army. I also believe that without forcing children to join the army they could wait for the children to grow up and therefore be more physically fit for the army. Last thing is without forcing people to disappear they could again have more people that could do better things for the country, as in they could be cops to help spread law in the towns, or they could join the military to help them fight.
The first Human Rights violation that i will talk about is Chad’s very poor prison conditions. Chadian prisons treat the prisoners like they are not even people and violate their human right to live and not only live but to live in safety. These prisoners are put through harsh conditions including over-heated prison cells, overcrowded prison cells, poor water and hygiene sanitation, and these prisoners are also tortured (... Prison Conditions in Chad). The prisoners cells often reach a temperature of 48 degrees celsius (118.4 degrees fahrenheit). this means that the prisoners are basically being cooked alive in there own cells. Prisoners are also over packed into cells causing many different problems for the prisoners. Many of the prisoners get very sick and there has also been reported deaths in these overcrowded cells due to asphyxiation and severe dehydration (... Prison Conditions in Chad). Another big problem with the prison conditions in the Chadian prisons is their lack of plumbing for the prisoners. Prisoners have to use plastic cups or plastic bags to go to the bathroom, and if they are overcrowded into...

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