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The Relationship Between Warm Colors And Positive Mood

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This research is important because every day we have to make choices that include choosing a color when for example we decide what shade of makeup to use, what color of clothes to buy or decide what color to paint a wall. Even it has been proved that people often associate their mood with a specific color. Some frequently responses when a person is feeling sad is to describe it as “feeling blue” or when a person fall in love is common to hear that now this person view the world through “rose-colored glasses.” Other frequently expressions are to describe a person’s jealousy as to be “green with envy, “or describe a child’s innocence as to “be pure as the snow”. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of color with mood using a total different population. I proposed to use only students from Texas A&M International University. The hypothesis of this proposed experiment is individuals who are exposed to warm colors will result in an increase of positive mood. This is because, as discussed above, findings from previous researchers indicate that color affect mood.
Literature Review
Research has found the major powerful effects colors can have on our mood, brain, body and even affect one’s health. An article released by the BioMed Central Medical Research Methodology, published the results of 156 patients consisting of 127 females and 29 males who participated in this study. Each one of the patients has respond questions such as: "With regard to your day-to-day mood over the last few months, do you associate it with a particular color? If so, which color?" The researchers developed an instrument called Manchester Color Wheel to classify colors into positive, neutral and negative shades that administered to the patients. According to the MCW chart positives or neutral colors were represented with yellow, pink, red shades and negative colors were represented with black, grey, blue or purple shades. After a 3 month period the data was analyzed and found that patients consistently associated warm colors with positive emotions. On the other hand, patients affected with depression tended to associate their current mood with negative colors.
Author David Simmons studied color effects more generally in his book, Color and emotion: New directions in color studies. Simmons conducted a lot of experiments trying to prove that color can enhance positive moods. In one of his experiments he asked 56 undergraduate psychology students to paint a white wall with a color that made them to feel positive. The results indicated that yellow, orange and red were picked as the most positive color of the 9 color samples in total.
Jacob and Suess (1975) disagree with the general theory that warm colors are more appealing and tend to enhance positive mood. They found that participants shown a more positive mood towards cool colors rather than warm colors. In his article, Effects of four psychological primary colors on anxiety state; Perceptual and motor skills,...

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