The Connection Of Parental Attachment Styles To Bullies And Victims

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​Bullying is a serious problem in our schools and takes place in many different forms. These can include physical aggression or direct bullying such as the hitting form and in the indirect type of bullying such as the verbal taunting, exclusion from peer activities and rumor spreading. Kids are subjected to these different types of bullying daily and for some victims it has negative effects on their grades, their personal life and their mental health as research has found that victims of bullying have higher rates of depression and suicide. Past research has found correlations in the level of parental involvement and support in direct relation to bullying and also victimization. But what about attachment style in relation to bullying? Is there a correlation between the types of attachment a child receives from their parents as a predictor of future behaviors?
​ Hypothesizing that there are correlations between parent-child attachment relationships and those of the different aspects of bullying they conducted a study using four modified surveys all consisting of questions or statements with answers measured on a numerical scale. With 1 being strongly disagree, least likely or never to higher numerical numbers being strongly agree, most likely and always as the responses. The modified ECR or Experiences in Close Relationships was used to measure the type of attachment relationship the participant had with their parents as children with a subscale measuring avoidance and anxiety in relation to the attachment separately. Physical aggression was measured using a subscale of the Aggression Scale consisting of nine statements such as “if someone hits me, I hit back”. Indirect Aggression Scale was shortened and it measured how often the subjects used indirect aggression such as the type described above. Finally, victimization was measured using two adapted subscales of the Social Experience Questionnaire which asked participants how often they were the victim of physical or verbal bullying.
After all variables were studied researchers found that the relationship a child has with their parents does...

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