The Connections Between Rest And Exercise

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The Connections Between Rest and Exercise
Rest and exercise is two thing main things you need to stay healthy. Rest helps mentally, emotionally, and physically. For instance, exercise leads to a better rest and rest leads to better exercise. Also, too much rest or too much exercise can hurt your health. For example; too much rest can result in being overweight and lack of fitness. Exercise can cause you to get an injury if you exceed how much your body can take. Since those effects are bad in results in you having to do both and not just one to prevent these effects.
Here are ways rest is good physically. Some people work out to get muscles and have great muscular strength. Even though that takes a lot of exercise to get your muscle where you want them you still need rest. “Muscles are made stronger during rest.” (Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 2007) In addition to the exercising hard for your desired muscles comes one cause from long hard ...view middle of the document...

People forget about how much rest can do. “[If] attempting to lose weight consider getting adequate amounts of sleep.” and “Some experts also believe that lack of sleep may contribute to obesity.”(Annals of Internal Medicine, 2010) So exercise and dieting isn’t the magic trick behind being in shape and the weight you wish to be rest goes in the list too.
Rest also helps mentally and emotionally. It helps mentally by helping you feel more alert during today. If you feel alert you are more likely to focus better. Say you had a test the next morning and if you stay up all night study in the morning you aren’t going to be able to focus on the test question which will result in a bad grade on the test you took forever studying on. If you study as much you can and still get the right amount of sleep you are going to be more alert and be able to focus on the test and remember what study better to result in a good grade.
Emotionally is the next thing rest helps. Rest can easily effect someones mood. No sleep can result in a bad mood or depression. There are a few health disorders that go with the reason for the depression. One of those disorders is insomnia. Specifically insomnia is a disorder that causes a difficulty to fall asleep. Ruth M. Benca says, “Nevertheless, insomnia is more closely related to depression than to any other medical disorder, and the fact that insomnia most commonly precedes depression suggests a possible causal association between sleep disturbance and depressed mood.” (2005). Consequently, exercise comes into play to help. “Exercise offers a potentially attractive alternative or adjutant treatment for insomnia.” (Clinical Sports Med., 2005) So that goes back to exercise and rest going together hand and hand.
In order to sleep being important, exercise is a big part of getting a good nights sleep. Exercise is said to be an important sleep aid. In a study the researchers found that there were improvements, “[150 minutes of exercise] provided a 65% improvements in sleep quality.” (National Sleep Foundation, 2013) So because of exercise being a important part in good sleep and a healthy safe treatment for insomnia results in exercise helping rest as much as rest helps exercise. That leads back to the rest and exercise relationship.

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