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The Connections Between School Failure And Delinquency

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The similarities and differences between school failure and delinquency according to Siegel and Welsh include the following.
According to Siegel and Welsh children who do poorly in academics and those they refer to as school under achievers are most likely to be is documented by both that school failure is a one stronger predictor of delinquency if compared with economic class membership, peer group relationships, radical and ethnic backgrounds. Studies comparing delinquents and non-delinquents academic records scores on standardized tests failure rates and other academic measure found that delinquents are recurrently academically deficient as compared to their counterparts and this is a condition which almost requires them to perform antisocial and delinquents acts.
Siegel and Welsh further establish that academic failure and delinquency is commonly found in chronic offender, students leaving school having achieved a high school diploma are less likely to resort to delinquencies as compared to those who never graduated high school as recorded by Marvin Wolfgang Philadelphia delinquency in birth cohort study only 9 percentage of the offenders are school graduates. In comparison 40 percent of offender population had 12 or more years of school as compared to the 90 percent of the general population and it is summed up that school experience is a very important factor in shaping an adolescents life.
Siegel and Welsh confirm that school failure is a direct cause of delinquent behaviors. Emotional frustration and rejection is what is felt by children who fail at school in turn they seek out same minded companions and together they engage in antisocial activities having been convinced themselves that they won’t achieve success through school, well however depending on other factors school failure may have a high percentage of offender but considering other factors like the home environment and attention given to this children they can be led in another direction if they are convinced that failing school is not the end of the world and that they just have to focus on one or two of the other God given talents they might have.
School failure leads to emotional and psychological problems that directly lead to anti-social behaviors, Siegel and Welsh further argue that academic failure reduces self-esteem and that is the actual cause of anti-social behaviors. With every failure there is a stage in between picking yourself up and walking again, this is the stage where a person is more likely to be depressed and of course with low self-esteem, a person or child will not directly act out, something at this stage happens which picks them up and gives them enough confidence to do something even that including anti-social behavior, in my opinion it’s a race against time which way a child will fall when he has encountered with failure, for instance what does he encounter on his way to school, which environment is the child surrounded with at home, ...

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