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The Cons Of Animal Experimentation Essay

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The percentage of animal experimentation tests that fail is too high to be continuing with this unethical way of testing. Animal tests are so unreliable it is almost like the lottery. In the lottery, there are thousands of people all hoping for luck to get them through to win big money. The only difference is that in animal tests, it is millions of lives at stake, not dollar bills. Experimenters should not be willing to take this ‘one out of thousands’ chance on the lives of both humans and animals. Many scientists agree with this and are starting to peek into the reality of animal experimentation. Herbert Stiller and Margot Stiller, both scientists with doctorate degrees, state, “practically all animal experiments are untenable on a statistical scientific basis, for they possess no scientific validity or reliability. They merely perform an alibi for pharmaceutical companies, who hope to protect themselves thereby” (Ruesch 66). Credible doctors and scientists have proven time and time again that animal testing does not achieve anything for human medications and can be very risky when it comes to product testing. Companies test their products through animal experimentation for the sole purpose of not having to deal with being sued for no tests being issued on their products. Many companies are not even worried about the test results and use small print to make the amount of side-effects seem smaller. This issue could be avoided by one simple task; switch to alternative tests. Money, time, and lives are being wasted on a method that is clearly outdated. If there is a whole book of over 1,000 doctors and scientists against animal testing, it is time to re-thing our motives for using this method. More researchers are starting to reveal negatives of animal experimentation by studying the results. According to the “Animal Friends Croatia,” scientists had created “thalidomide”, a drug to help stop morning sickness for pregnant women. Even though it was tested on many species of animals before it was put on the market, it ended up causing thousands of birth defects (about 10,000) and fetal deaths around the world (“AFC-The Tragedy of Thalidomide”). Many problems like this have come out of animal tests that work on animals. The results of animal testing put humans at an even higher risk. Animals’ lives should not be used and wasted away for a method that is known to fail more often than not. Especially when federal law does not protect the animal in any way. The irony of this whole situation is that there are less-expensive, more efficient, and even more reliable alternatives to animal testing, yet people continue to hurt more animals. Now there is the question, is it actually in the best interest of the consumer buying the product, if this method is very unreliable and even dangerous? The main argument often heard from supporters of animal experimentation is that human lives matter more than those of animals. To some...

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