The Effect Divorce Has On Children

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The Effect Divorce has on ChildrenIn today's culture, divorces have come to be a mean in our lives. Married people these days are getting separated due to various problems, moreover because of struggles in the marriages, lack of passionate feelings, marriage couple cheating on their spouse, and other kind of marriage difficulties. Furthermore these divorced couples have kids that are young, who have no idea on how to deal with an event like a divorce. The effect touches all growing stages of children. Expressive and social problems can begin in the preschool stage of development. In the first underdevelopment stage, children tend to have fear and daydream that their parents will get back together. In the late idleness period, kids will label one parent good and one parent bad centered on their own needs. In some cases kids become depressed and suicidal. Some will even question their future martial relationships. Kids of divorced parents experience many issues that can upset a child's life whether it is their academics, behaviors or parent child relationships.Academic success is one of the key effects of divorce on children. Divorce disrupts steady monitoring, problem solving, and constant correction, and each of them contribute to failing at school and altered peer relationship. If the parents are working continually they will neglect taking care of the household then she/he will not be able to see what their kid is doing. Divorced parents tend to be less constant, exercise less control, and do less monitoring over children. Without the parents checking the kids, they may hang out with the wrong crowd, and the parent would not even become mindful of it. Hanging out with unpleasant people will in turn influence the kid's performance in school.It will be hard for children to control their aggression especially for those who came from a divorced family. Typically children are suffering from certain emotional problem such as, depression and this will continue to develop while they are growing as an adult. Sometime children might also experience the distress of being left alone with their loved one, which can cause anxiety....

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The Effects of Divorce on Children

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