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The Effect Of Active Student Response On College Age Students Learning Vocabulary Definitions: An Experiment Done In An Experimental Psychology Class

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Running head: THE EFFECT OF ASR ON LEARNING VOCABULARY DEFINITIONSThe Effect of Active Student Response on College Age Students Learning Vocabulary DefinitionsAbstractThe purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate Active Student Response error correction procedure (ASR) in college students, and to generate a cost effective method other than Think Fast to teach vocabulary words to college students. By expanding on the purpose of Polson (1995), who found a method to teach students vocabulary words by using a computerized flash card program, and combining it with the purpose of Drevno et al. (1994), who used ASR error correction to improve students ability to learn vocabulary words, this experiment attempted to find a practical new learning method which can easily be implemented.This experiment used a single subject multiple baseline design. The data collected suggested that not only was ASR error correction successful in improving vocabulary word retention, but it was also successful in maintaining the information over time.IntroductionPolson (1995) conducted an experiment that tested fluency building in students and whether it could be improved with a computerized flash-card system. Fluency building was defined as the students' ability to learn vocabulary words and apply them to complex abstract situations. Polson (1995) used college students as his subjects, and the Think Fast Computerized Flash-Card Program with fifty-two terms served as the independent variable.In Polson's experiment (1995), each flash card had on it the vocabulary word stimulus and definition. Because the computer program was able to record on a disk all the information obtained, subjects had the option of conducting the computerized program in a lab located at their school, or on a computer at home. Polson (1995) also assigned grades to the student subjects depending on their performance in the experiment.Polson (1995) presented each stimulus one at a time with each index card randomly missing either the vocabulary word, or a key word from the definition. The subject's assignment was to type in the missing word or words from the fifty-two stimuli in two minutes. Subjects were required to practice for a minimum of eighty trials and then obtain mastery on at least thirty-five trials. Mastery was defined as defining the terms at a rate of a least five terms per minute. The results showed that in addition to helping the subjects obtain fluency, the programs may have had the ability to help maintain high scores afterwards because of the reinforcement from the graphs, and the immediate feedback after each trial.The Think Fast Computerized Program by using an innovative method alternative to the standard method of teaching, seemed to have helped the subjects build fluency in defining vocabulary terms. The greatest disadvantages of Think Fast were that it was a computer program and may have been expensive and time consuming. It was difficult to accurately modify the situation, and...

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