The Effect Of Music On Psychology And Behavior

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The Effect of Music on Psychology and Behavior

There have always been discussions of the effects music has on ones behavior, and how it’s related to Psychology. The truth has never really been verified among common knowledge, but it’s usually something that intrigues people. They say heavy metal and rap can make teenagers violent, sad and depressing music can make teenagers sad and depressed, and some say it’s best to listen to classical music when doing schoolwork because it makes your brain more active. There have been many people that reported how music has effects on their behavior. It can lift their mood, “fuel the fire” when they’re angry, or even make it easier for them to fall asleep. People never really get the chance to research the actual science of music, and how it changes people attitudes.

It’s also interesting to think about how music plays a role in someone’s identity. Many articles found discuss the Social Identity Theory, and the people who conduct these experiments always keep this in mind, “Social identity theory (SIT; Tajfel, 1978; Tajfel & Turner, 1979) maintains that individuals gain a social identity from the groups to which they belong. The theorists claim that members have a desire to evaluate their own group positively and that they achieve positive evaluations through social comparisons with relevant other groups along valued dimensions. One maintains positive social identity and self-esteem through in-group favoritism, positive distinction from the out-group, and, occasionally, out-group derogation (e.g., Noel, Wann, & Branscombe, 1995)” (Tarrant, North, Hargreaves, 2001). Towson’s online database is an excellent place to research what has been found on music’s effects on psychology, and a wide variety of articles on the subject can be found. Because this is more of an experimental subject, there are few books dealing with it. However, there were a multitude of magazine, and newspaper articles covering this topic.

The first article was An Interview With Kimmo Lehtonen: Music Therapy With Adolescents. This article contained an interview with psychologist, and therapist, Kimmo Lehtonen about the effectiveness of musical therapy on adolescents. She would meet with her patients, and let them play music for her. Through the music they played, Lehtonen was able to see what some of the main problems with the patient were. Lehtonen talks about how adolescents connect with music to a higher level than anything else because they have a hard time expressing themselves verbally. Music, she says, is a large part of teenage culture, so it’s easily accessible for teenagers, “They have already found music to be a self-healing element and they have already found a love of music, and it is already a big part of the adolescent sub-culture” (Lehtonen, Saughnessy 2002). Lehtonen also discusses the correlation between her patients and coming from a “broken home”. She says that most of her patients are neglected by...

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