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The Effect Of Toys On A Person's Psychological Development

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The Effect of Toys on a Person's Psychological Development

You probably remember your favorite game from early childhood—many people do. The game most likely involved your favorite toy, perhaps a truck, or a doll. In fact, when you think about memories from your childhood, toys should be among the first things to come to mind to evoke a strong image of early childhood. Toys have been greatly underestimated by their possessors and especially by adults, dismissed as the "supporting role" in indoor or outdoor pastimes, which they literally are. However, toys affect a person's psychological development to a higher degree than we may realize.
Toys are a child's tools for exploring, for learning about the world. The child uses toys not only for amusement, but for practice. Next to his imagination, a child's toys have the most considerable influence as to which kind of game he will play. Balls and toy guns are usually seen as playthings for little boys, while dolls and jump ropes are more associated with little girls. Whichever kind of toy a child chooses to play with can reveal much about the makeup of his mind and about his personality. (Newson and Newson 98) The type of game that a child plays also tells an observer of that child's temperament.
There are "two major types of play: construction play and illusion play" (Neuman 69), both terms of which are fairly self-explanatory. Under these two categories, there are different approaches to the method of playing. A child is either a "dramatist" or a "patterner." While children in the first group tend to take on roles in dramatic games or games of strategy in order to prepare for solving problems in life, children in the second are more like artists and builders, constructing tiny worlds in which dolls interact with each other. (Reynolds and Jones 2) For example, a girl who is a dramatist might prefer to dress up in her mother's clothing and apply make-up in pretending to be grown up; but a girl who is a patterner would favor Barbie dolls to demonstrate what she would do as an adult. In the latter case, the child, or player, creates a small universe whose workings can change as her view of the world changes.
Dramatists are likely to be the center of attention. They usually take command in a game, leading other children in the direction that they want the game to go. In observing the games of a four-year-old named Tommy, a dramatist, Gretchen Reynolds and Elizabeth Jones noted his aggressiveness in pretend playing. His games usually involved few "traditional" toys, utilizing objects in his environment as they progress. Tommy would assume a role as Batman or one of the Ninja Turtles and assign four or five friends to other roles. He would then guide the rest of the game in such a direction that the "good guys" would win over the "bad guys"; naturally, he would the head of the protagonists. On the other hand, patterners, because of their more introverted style of...

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