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The Effect Of Television On Obesity

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The Effects of Television on Obesity
In today’s world, society relies heavily on technology for daily life. Anywhere from the alarm clock that wakes us up in the morning to the phones we use to talk to one another. Social media is part of technology. I know that I’m apart of social media just by watching television. I watch television for about three hours a day. I counted the number of commercials during a half hour show. There were twenty one commercials and sixteen of them had some sort of food. In an hour show, I counted thirty commercials and, again sixteen had some sort of food reference and there was only one that had exercise. I’m not saying that this is true for every show that is on television. This is just to show that even commercials anywhere from dating to car commercials have some reference to food. In a car commercial, the couple in the car had a reflection to eating bad food at a restaurant that they went to, but the commercial was about a car. Another example would be a commercial that was promoting a dating site, and in the background, there are people who were ‘together because of the site’ eating. Having these statistics doesn’t mean that children and teenagers are watching all the channels where these commercials are aired, but they do see a lot of them while they are watching television. I am talking directly to the parent so they understand how much advertising children and teenagers see and what effect that has on them. Food commercials have increased the obesity rate in children and teenagers. It’s up to the parents to change how many commercials, by watching television, are viewed by their children.
Children and Teenagers Watch Television
I’ve worked with children in the past and, from that experience, I can firmly say that children are impressionable. This means that if you tell them something, like Santa Claus is real, they will believe it. Victor C. Strasburger, an MD, wrote an article in the Pediatrics, which is an online journal specifically for the researched projects that pertain to adolescence, concerning the advertising effects on children and teenagers. He said that children and teenagers see 4400-7600 non-healthy food advertisements every year (Strasburger). He also says that “two thirds [of children and teenagers in America] have a television set” in their bedrooms (Strasburger). That is a lot of commercials that are seen by children and teenagers. Lisa Powell, who also wrote an article in the Pediatrics, says that children and teenagers watch about three and a half hours of television every day (Powell). Having access to television and seeing that many advertisements in a year have an impact on children and teenagers food preference because they are susceptible to what the marketers are trying to sell.
I remember when I was little, I saw commercials from McDonalds. I remember wanting to go and get the toy from there when the commercial was done. I didn’t know that they were trying to sell me food, I just...

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