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The Effect Of Violent Video Games On Behavior

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The video game industry is proving to be one of the fastest growing and influential to date. Video games have evolved within the past 15 years, from 8-bit cartridges to the Internet accessing hardware of today; so naturally, the consumers and their needs have also evolved. Society has slowly developed into a place where people have lives both off and online. Major titles such as ?the Sims? are based on the player actually living online, through characters that sleep, eat, work and partake in other kinds of recreation. Players become enthralled in a fantasy world that has little to no consequences for the choices they make. With video games becoming such a popular form of media, its consumers are forgetting one essential point; it?s just a video game that has no bearing on the real world. Some children no longer feel the urge to go out into the world and play with others their age. Instead, they spend their time on-line playing popular first person shooters titles such as ?Halo? and ?Unreal?, both highly aggressive and violent games, against and usually with much a older crowd. To make matters worse, there is very little regulation on who is allowed online and how these people interact. A child may very well be playing one of these titles with a convict on death row located in any state in the nation, and sometimes in other countries around the world. This social interaction may very well be influencing America?s youth into considering certain kinds of unacceptable behavior as the norm.In the most infamous of a number of crimes committed by individuals who were said to be fans of violent video games, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 people and wounded 23 others before killing themselves at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. Relatives of victims file a lawsuit against several companies that manufacture violent entertainment, including video game makers, but the suit was eventually dismissed. This surprises many people, for reasons that I will probably never be able to concieve.As predicted by the General Aggression Model, playing a violent video game for just 20 minutes produced considerable increases in expectations that conflicting situations would be handled...

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2111 words - 8 pages , and still allow them to express themselves in the virtual world. Works Cited Crabtree, Steve. “Grand Theft of Innocence? Teens and Video Games.” Gallup Pole Tuesday Briefing 16 September 2003: 1-4. Web. Gentile, Douglas A., Paul J. Lynch, Jennifer Ruh Linder, and David A. Walsh. “The Effects of Violent Video Game Habits on Adolescents Hostility, Aggressive Behavior, and School Performance.” Journal of Adolescents 27 (2004) 5-22. Web. Gilad

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847 words - 3 pages hazardous in certain contexts. Parents can best protect their children by remaining engaged with them and providing limits and guidance as necessary (Norcia, 2013)." Research data shows children who see more violence in the video games that they interact with have a greater acceptance of, and tolerance for, violent and aggressive behavior. While the individual effects that violent video games can have on a particular child may vary, there is very

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1108 words - 4 pages games contribute to certain risk factors of violent behavior, it is very important that parents realize what type of child they have and if these games might have a certain effect on their child. Maybe if your child is the emotionally immature type and spending way too much time involved in violent video games and less time communicating with their parents, then you should consider putting some restrictions on their game playing. Furthermore, every parent should become educated on the latest studies involving violent video games and know the truth about the issue. Violent video games do not cause teenagers to commit violent acts.

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525 words - 2 pages caused violence then our country and numerous others would be in a state of disarray. The crime rates do not even remotely support critic's theories on video games.In closing one must conclude that video games have no effect at all on any sane adult. Young children are under the protection of parents who have ratings systems to help guide their children. If the parents do allow a violent game to get by them then it is their fault; these games in all likely hood will not actual cause violent behavior even in young children. Video games are harmless and are an unfortunate scapegoat for those wishing to find a reason for numerous problems in society today.

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1578 words - 6 pages appropriately, they can leave a negative effect on the player, and then it’s game over.   Works Cited Bushman, Brad J. "The effects of violent video games. Do they affect our behavior?" ITHP. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2014. . Carey, Benedict. "Shooting in the Dark." The New York Times. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Apr. 2014.

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