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The Consequences Of Eating Genetically Modified Foods

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Eat your poisons, they’re good for you. No one in their right mind is actually going to eat poisons, that’s just asking for a death wish. But what a lot of people in the United States don’t know that we’re already eating life threatening foods daily. We can’t tell these dangerous foods apart from the safe ones, because the US Food and Drug administration refuses to label them. Some of us care about our wellbeing so instead of the FDA poisoning we unknowingly let us poison ourselves if we choose too by the label. Some may not mind eating genetically modified foods, but as for me I don’t want to.
It’s in our meat, it’s in our plants and it’s even in the beverages. Even your local organic shop may have genetically modified products. It roots that deep and avoidance is difficult due to the limited supply of foods labeled Non-GMO (Generically Modified Organism) from willing food companies. Genetically modified foods have been ...view middle of the document...

Monsanto alters the genes of crops to make them withstand stronger pesticides. The outrageous part about it is that they’re using elements from their own pesticides to alter the crop genes just to make them more resistant. Just eating the genetically modified crops had a detrimental effect on the farmer’s livestock. They don’t dispose of the animals who do die from the altered food, they actually treat it any other butchered livestock and put it out in the market since we can eat it. The animals who do survive are also affected negatively because it’s already in their genes and it passes on to their offspring. It’s exactly like those medicine commercials you see on the television or the internet. The negative side effects outweighs the positive. Genetically modified foods are exactly like this sooner or later you’ll start to show symptoms of
From my point of view these altered foods lack research. No food should be able to kill unless it’s poisonous or you’re allergic. These foods are just plain unsafe to eat and a group of scientist from a university even proved it. The scientist conducted the experiment on a group of mice, which one side ate genetically modified potatoes while the other side ate organic potatoes. The mice who were fed organic mice remained fine while the side that ate the modified potatoes died within ten days with their body full of tumors! No foods shouldn’t be able to cause an animal to have tumors all over their body especially from a vegetable. But wait, this isn’t any regular vegetable it’s a genetically modified one they are completely different from a naturally organic one. That wasn’t the shocking part what was the shocking part was the US Food and drug administration still approved of Monsanto’s genetically modified organisms even after scientist deemed it wasn’t ready.
So why did the FDA approve this if it needed more time? Apparently a former executive of Monsanto now works in FDA as the deputy commissioner. That’s an important figure in the FDA that makes sure food labels are accurate and safe. It makes sense why Monsanto is the leading figure in that industry and why the FDA isn’t requiring food companies to label their genetically modified food. Just shows us how much political power and influence corporations have on our government.

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