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The Consequences Of Fracking Essay

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The news today is filled with stories about the benefit of using natural gas instead of crude oil and the benefits to the environment. However, the consequence of fracking is a subject that should be investigated further. The potential groundwater contamination, health problems, and the geological effect of drilling have been linked to hydraulic fracturing.
The primary consideration is the threat of groundwater contamination. The process of fracking is utilizing a pressurized mixture of water, chemical, and sand to create fractures in underground shale formations to push gas to the surface. The process of pushing gas to the surface has had adverse effects on the ground level water, which is ...view middle of the document...

All the drilling deep in the earth must present instability, and risk factors from the fracking should be public knowledge.
The final consideration is the geological effect of drilling. The possibility of earthquakes appears to be a logical outcome of drilling deep into the earth. “A state investigation of five small tremors in the Youngstown area, in the Appalachian foothills, found the injection of sand and water that accompanies fracking, in the Utica Shale may have increased pressure on a small, unknown fault”. (Smyth) The fluid-injection into the Earth is another factor to increase the possibility of an earthquake.
It is rare, but not unheard of, for fluid-injection operations to cause detectable earthquakes. Fracking itself is thought this year to have spurred quakes in Gavin County, Oklahoma, of up to magnitude 2.8. A liquid-waste-disposal project in Colorado in the 1960s, where an injection of 631,000 cubic meters triggered earthquakes of magnitude up to 5, the largest yet seen as a result of fluid injection. (Corbyn)
The instability in the earth...

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