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The Effects Of Genetic Engineering Essay

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First of all I would like to say that I am not a "science person". It is just not my subject. We got assigned to do a paper on the genetic engineering of crops. Now, my thrill level of the genetic engineering of crops and plants is not very high, to be completely honest with you. I mean, I know it is important and all because food is how I survive but, would I call it interesting? Nope, not to me at least but anyways everything worked out. Not because I did not have to do this paper but because you offered the opportunity to do the genetic engineering of animals. Which is a topic that, I actually find to be an interest to myself. I have strong feelings for the use of animals to provided science with further research and development of all areas. Especially, if animals can lead to the saving of human lives.I would like to start by defining the word "genetic engineering". It is the scientific alteration of the structure of genetic material in a living organism. It involves the production and use of recombinant DNA and has been employed to create bacteria that synthesize insulin and other human proteins. (Webster)Genetic engineering in animals is a very broad topic. It includes all types of manipulation and changing of the genetic code of animals of any species or complexity. By this definition genetic engineering of animals has been taking place for thousands of years in the form of selective breeding. Humans have chosen which characteristics they liked in an animal be it for appearance, ability to survive and so on. For example dog breeders. If an individual likes a breed that is large, but need a small dog, they will just buy the toy breed of that dog. Humans have then bread these animals in a variety of ways. If all these forms of breeding were considered genetic engineering this would be a never ending topic. (Gill)In my research about this topic I came about a word that I have never heard before. The term transgenic animal. Transgenic animals represent unique models that are custom- tailored to address specific biological questions. (Lamb 203) According to Pinkert, in the 1970s and 1980s science has witnessed a rapid advance of the application of genetic engineering techniques for increasingly complex organisms, from single-cell microbial and eukaryotic culture systems to multicelluular whole animal systems. Today, transgenic animals embody one of the most potent and exciting research tools in the biological sciences. (3)A transgenic animal is an animal that carries a gene (that is not their own) that has been inserted into that animal, for a specific purpose of study. The foreign gene uses recombination to be accepted and used as a normal gene of that animal. Basically it is an animal whose genome has been changed to carry genes from another species.Scientists can now produce transgenic animals because, since Watson and Crick's discovery, there have been breakthroughs in recombinant DNA (artificially-produced DNA), genetic cloning, analysis...

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