The Effects Of Physical Activity On Heart Rate And Breathing Rate

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Aim:The aim of this practical is to investigate the effect of exercise on heart rate and breathing rate. We will use a digital heart rate monitor strapped on our chest while we perform different levels of exercise. A digital watch is also provided which receives signals from the heart rate monitor and displays your current heart rate on the screen. To measure the breathing rate at different levels of exercise, we measure the breathing rate before physical activity by counting the number of breaths in 10 seconds, and then perform 5 minutes of each level of exercise and counting the number of breaths at every level. There will be three levels of physical activity, light, mild and heavy.Materials:Digital pulse monitorStop watchMethod:Heart rateEffect of posturerecord your heart rate before the experiment beginslie down quietly for five minutes then record your heart ratestand up for a further three minutes then measure the heart rate againcalculate the increase in the pulse rate on standingEffect of exercisenow, perform some light exercise ie. Running on a spot for 10 seconds then record your heart rate every 10 seconds until it returns to normal standing rateperform some mild exercise ie. Running up and down a stool for one minute then record your heart rate every 10 seconds until it returns to normal standing rateperform heavy exercise ie. 100m sprint twice then record your heart rate every 10 seconds until it returns to normal standing rateBreathing raterecord your breathing rate before experiment begins by counting number of breaths for 10 secondsnow, perform some light exercise ie. Running on spot for 5 minutes then record your breathing rate and vital capacityperform some mild exercise ie. Running up and down a stool for 5 minutes then record your breathing rate and vital capacityperform heavy exercise ie. Sprinting for 2 minutes then record your breathing rate and vital capacityResults:Heart rate/ 10 secsLie down Standing Light Mild Heavy80 87 106 150 229103 149 220100 145 21998 135 22092 134 19087 129 187124 180122 176120 177117 170116 168115 169115 170110 164109 160110 157109 152110 150105 146100 14599 14497 14092 15090 13887...

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