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The Effects Of Social Class Essay

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The Effects of Social Class
Social class in a society is a concept in the areas of social sciences and political theories. Social class means “socio-economic class” it is based on the social, economic and educational status of individuals being grouped in the same level. It mainly varies of the economic status of the family because the other aspects in life depend on that one material object. This means we have made monetary value an important part of life. Many would argue that social class is the result of unequal distributions of resources, power and authority. One social class consists of a group of individuals who hold the same positions economic wise. Two important sociologists who have made an impact on the concept of social class are Karl Marx and Max Weber. Till this day there is still not a proper definition that includes all elements of social class. In Northern America, there are 5 types of class, these include upper elite class, upper middle class, lower middle class, working class, and poor. The elite class consists of “old money” and the heads and leaders of institutions multinational corporations, foundations and universities. Upper middle includes those you possess scientific and technical knowledge such as engineers, accountants, lawyers, architects. Lower middle class is comprised of blue-collar workers and support staff for professional. Working class involves labour workers and the poor are those earning below minimum wage or depended on social services. Several levels of social class can be evident in the same areas or sometimes isolated and surrounded with only those that are alike. One area that the essay will be focusing on is The Junction Triangle located in Toronto (census tract 0098.00). Three train tracts outline the Junction Triangle. Located in the Dupont, Lansdowne Dundas area. (Figure 1) The Junction triangle is an area where the lower levels of the social class come be seen. The area included in the census track is mostly residential, with majority of the residence living in apartment buildings with less the five storeys. Based on the information gathered from the 2006 census track the average household income in the area was $34,563. Compared to the metropolitan area with $53,980, the income in the area was fairly low. The socioeconomic status of an individual of family affects the many aspects such as education, health and in their everyday life experience.
Research and sociologists have suggested that the financial situation of the parents affect the children more then the parenting skills. This could be because parents with a high steady income find themselves to have more time to pay attention to their children, while the parents struggling to make ends meets and working multiple jobs have less time. Parents the good jobs are able to provide more for their children, not only by spending time with them but materialistic objects too. They are able to afford more school materials and pay even more to...

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