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The Consequences Of Success: The Balance Of Old And New

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The island of Sicily was the theater for two major slave revolts which eventually led to full fledged warfare between the revolting slaves and the Roman army. Both slave wars had dire consequences both due to the widespread of violence, but also made the Romans painfully aware of the reality of a number of concerns and anxieties, which had been brewing for several years. The result of the Sicilian Slave Wars led to an increased discomfort that came with the ever-increasing expansion of the Roman Empire. Many citizens shared concerns and anxieties over a number of issues being caused as the ever-expansive borders continued to grow. Roman Citizens held anxieties over three major factors ...view middle of the document...

The island of Sicily faced significant turmoil during the Second Punic War, as towns decided whether to join the Romans or Carthaginians during the conflict that ravaged the landscape, those who chose incorrectly for the most part had their towns and populations decimated leaving the island decimated and ripe for the taking of the ambitious victor. It was however during the Carthaginians time on the island of Sicily in which they instilled a successful system of wheat production that allowed large amounts of crops to be harvested at a time. This system was common practice throughout the Carthaginian Empire. It was so successful it led to North Africa being given the title of the “Granary of Europe” . When the Roman Empire eventually pushed out the Carthaginians and reclaimed the island as their own at the end of the Second Punic War the system in place for high wheat production was kept, causing the need for slave labor in Sicily to increase exponentially
The Roman government began giving away large pieces of land known as latifundia to single owners, creating large estates to be worked as the owner saw fit. These land owners moved away from the yeoman style of farming in which was the common practice by the Carthaginians and instead went with large groups of slaves to work the land. The demand for labor was high and continuing to rise in order to sustain a work force for these large estates. After the raze of the city Carthage a great number of slaves were placed on the market, many of which were African slaves trained in the Carthaginian method of harvesting large amounts of wheat making them extremely valuable to the newly established farmsteads in Sicily. However a large number of slaves imported to Sicily came from other sources, Roman prisoners of war that were auctioned off as slaves along with numerous freemen who had been captured by pirates and enslaved. Many of these slaves had hoped to be met with freedom at the end of the Second Punic War, only to be met with owners who as Roman capitalist were more cruel and harsh than anything ever experienced before. It was the combination of the rapid shipment of a large amount of slaves after the end of the Second Punic War, slaves consisting mostly of just recently free men and the cruel nature of their new owners that laid down the foundation for the First Sicilian Slave War in 136 BCE.
The long growing concerns and anxiety of Roman citizens on the issue of the mistreatment of a large population of outsiders finally came to rear its head. Not even five years had passed since the increased importing of slaves to the Island of Sicily had begun that the landowners of Sicily were experiencing their first slave revolt. This escalation of violence shows the pure cruelness that was being shown the slaves in order to bring about such quick action by the abused. Diodorius describes the actions of the landowners causing a feeling within the slaves of “rage against their masters, and conceiving...

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