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The Effects Of Testing And Funding A Deeper Look Into The History Of American Education

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The Effects of Testing and Funding - A Deeper Look into the History of American EducationOctober 25th, 2011History and Philosophy of EducationAbstractIt has come to the attention of many schools in recent years that the effects of testing and funding in education have become a growing problem. While many would see testing and funding in schools as a positive thing, many schools have only been able to see these matters as negatives due to the downsides of them in certain districts. The paper compares the effectiveness standardized testing has had on education, as well as the unfairness unequal funding is per pupil in different schools depending on taxes and so forth. This examination of the effects these two issues have on education points out the flaws within the educational system and suggests a need for change.The Effects of Testing and Funding - A Deeper Look into the History of American EducationTesting and funding of American Education have greatly affected education in schools. Not only have these matters been proven to be unfair in the learning of the students, but the teachers and staff have been having a rough time as well. It is understood by the general public that testing in schools is seen as a positive, cost-effective tool for the improvement of education, but there are many downfalls to the issue as well. Funding in schools is also portrayed as being a good thing to have in every district, however, the amount each school receives depends on taxes and how well the economy is in that area. These two issues of testing and funding in schools are often overlooked, and the matters need to be brought to light for the sake of education everywhere.From historical to contemporary education, schools have been affected by political and social issues including testing. According to a study done by MSU some 20 years back, it was discovered that on a nationally standardized achievement test close to 50% of the content wasn't even material that was taught in the classroom (Popham, 2002, pg. 189). This is what has become known as "testing-teaching mismatches". It's become a common mistake that what's being taught to children in a classroom and what they're being tested on is the same exact thing. Also, it's been a misconception that the test material and the material being learned in class are the same. What students are being tested on, unfortunately, doesn't always match the content being taught by the instructor (Ormrod, 2003, pg. 538).When students are being tested, the teachers are usually somewhat informed as to what their students are being tested on. In the hopes that their students do well on these tests, most teachers "teach to the test", or another words they try and cover the material that would most benefit and inform their students for the test. This is a helpful way for students to be on target for the test, however, it takes away time from the teachers to cover material they wanted to cover. Because of the pressure teachers have...

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