The Effects Of The Internet On The Youth Of Today

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Can you imagine how things were 20 years ago? How we communicate and exchange information with one another? Some things then may not be that accessible to us now, but in this day and age, everything is almost made possible by the advance communications technology surrounding us. Whether it’s printed, audio or visual materials, all are now within our reach, especially because global trading is made available to almost all over the world. And with the invention of internet all sorts of information are accessible to the youth in just a click away. Along with all these, just imagine the vast information being thrown in each and every one of us almost every second. However, as we always say, these developments may or may not be that all beneficial to us.
Yes, it is true that we can say that the world we live in now is a “well-informed” world than that of 20 years ago. This is thanks to the entire form of media made available to us throughout the years. Furthermore, this is mainly because; more and more companies are investing on distribution of such different form of media. They are well aware that a great percentage of the consumer population is willing to pay just to buy the latest in information and entertainment there is. Even the controversial and much talked about problem on piracy is undeniably, a great provider of information today, especially to the youth of some third world countries like the Philippines.
However, with all the exposure we have in all kinds of media, I am just wondering who are the people filtering all the information. Who are the ones making it sure that there is a balance between the disadvantages and advantages on all these. I’m afraid that whoever are behind this, should take it upon them to be responsible enough with all the information they are disseminating to the public, especially to the youth. Because there is no better way than of be considered a responsible proprietor in this world of consumerism. We shouldn’t take advantage of youth’s naivety. Proper guidance should be practiced.
Why do I believe greatly that responsible entrepreneurship should be the basis on doing business, it is because with the apparent global economic crisis we are experiencing, not all parents are there to give guidance to their children. Nowadays, almost both parents are force to leave their homes in order to better provide for their children. They are almost obliged to enter the workforce because; a single income household is not enough to make both ends meet. Thus, because of this, most children or the youth of today are left at their homes without proper guidance they badly needed in their growing up years. We are left vulnerable to whatever negative influences these all sorts of media may give us. We, the youth, are being exploited because we are inexperienced people which can be easily persuaded or influenced whether it is for doing the right or wrong things. Our decision is mostly poorly made since we aren’t equipped with much...

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