The Effects Of Violence On Women

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The Effects of Violence on Women Violence affects the lives of millions of women worldwide, in
developing, as well as in developed countries. It cuts across cultural
and religious barriers, restricting women from fully participating in
society. Violence against women has many forms in which it comes in,
from domestic abuse and rape to child marriages and female
circumcision. All are violations of the most fundamental human

Violence can be physical, sexual, verbal/psychological, stalking, as
well as other forms of control and abuse of power. Physical violence
can include both physical assaults, which refers to the physical
intention to harm or frighten a women, and physical attempts or
threats, which refer to the verbal/physical intention to bring on harm
which the victim believes was to happen to them.

Some examples of physical violence can be; having something thrown at
the victim or being hit with something, being pushed or grabbed,
having arm twisted or hair pulled, being slapped, kicked, bit or hit
with a fist, attempt to strangle or suffocate, burn, or scald on
purpose, being threatened with a gun or a knife and so on. According
to a recent survey done in the United States, “every day four women
die in the US as a result of domestic violence, whether it be a murder
or an assault by a husband or a boyfriend.”

Verbal/psychological violence includes assaults against a person’s
well-being by putting down the victim’s self-worth through
name-calling, offensive or humiliating comments; forcing the victim to
perform embarrassing, degrading acts; threats to harm and kill the
victim or victim’s family; controlling access to money, sleep habits,
eating habits, social relations and actions to show the victim is

Verbal/psychological violence is a form of violence done without
touching the victim’s body. The assaults are made viciously on the
victim by destroying personal belongings, family heirlooms, or the
family pet. The destruction is done on purpose and the psychological
impact may be as devastating as a physical attack. Many of the
assaults are forms controlling behaviours. One of the most common
examples of psychological violence against women is intimate partner
psychological abuse.

Some examples of psychological/verbal violence done by intimate
partners, especially in the developing countries, are restictions or
attempts to prevent contact with other men by becoming angry if
girfriend/wife speaks with other men, not being supportive if she
tries to be involved in activites outside the home, attempts to limit
her contact with family or friends, following her or keeping...

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