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The Consequential Pleasures Of Pornography Essay

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The first central question investigated in this study is focused on how the male's rate and intensity of porn consumption in a relationship, has a negative correlation with the self-esteem of the women and their perception on relationship quality, and sexual satisfaction. The second central question investigated in this study questions whether the women's self-esteem can reveal a connection between the male's rate and intensity of porn consumption with the relationship quality and sexual satisfaction in the relationship. The third question is similar to the latter question where the length of the relationship is the factor reveal the connection between the male's rate and intensity of porn ...view middle of the document...

This basically means that the more extreme the content of the porn, the more of a negative effect it will have on the relationship factors. In terms of the second question, Stewart and Szymanski reveal that the self-esteem of the women did not mediate the connection between the male's rate or intensity of porn consumption with the relationship quality, and sexual satisfaction from the women's perspective. The same can be said about the length of relationship as the mediator where it did not prove any connection except for the case of the intensity of the male's porn consumption linked with sexual satisfaction. Thus, the first question has been proven correct the most.
This study is off to a good start with asking the right questions because it offers a variety of questions with options to compose a significant understanding the women's perspective of the situation. That being said, it is one-sided for this very reason. For a more balanced approach with potentially more genuine findings, the conductors of the study should provide males with equal opportunity to participate in the study because the women's perspective does not necessarily mean it sees everything. Furthermore, the questions for the male perspective should differ as well because there are health risks associated with porn consumption such erectile dysfunction which can explain the negative relationship quality. Thereafter,...

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