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The Conspirator Essay

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We are faced with challenges big and small every day. Some that take a huge toll on us and our lives and it seems as though there is never going to be a way out of this alive. Sometimes we care enough to fight and make things better. Sometimes we don’t care enough. Then there was that one battle you decided to fight and your life changed so drastically but you don’t realize how much it changed until one day you see yourself doing something bigger than you and it changes you forever.
I was never a decent girl, nor a simple one, everything that came my way because of how I looked or how I behaved. One day something happened to me and it was because of neither of these reasons. Soon before ...view middle of the document...

Frederick believes that Mary is guilty and wants to be dismissed from the case, but Reveredy Johnson, Mary Surratt’s lawyer told him to prove that she is guilty and he will be taken off the case. After finding out that she really knows nothing he decides to stay on her side and fight to save her. His wife and friends could not believe what he was doing. He was defending the same people he fought against in the war, but he did not care. His mind was in it and he did not like how she was being treated. He did everything in his power to defend her. One day as Mary Surratt and Frederick Aiken were sitting outside of the prison on a bench, she asked him a question. She asked, “Have you ever cared for something greater than yourself?” He replied I spent these last four years fighting for something greater than myself.” Before he could finish what he was saying she out her hand on his lap which signaled him to stop. She then said,” then we are both the same.” The silence between them grew even more. This touched me so much because they were both the same. They were both fighting for something at that same very moment. Mary Surratt was fighting for her son and his salvation while Aiken was fighting for corruption in the law.
The Constitution was in jeopardy because of his defending of Mary Surratt. Everyone was stubborn to the opinion that she was guilty. No one thought that she was...

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