The Constancy Of Change: A Journey To Marriage Equality And Celebrated Personal Liberty.

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The only constant in life is change; as a child, this platitude was a mere assemble of words that I never really understood and had little to no meaning to me. As an adult, this has become a truth I have come to understand and live by. For the most part, humans are powerless against the unrelenting progression and nuances of change, yet we have the ability to guide it on many levels. Of the many changes in life, some personal liberties fluctuate while others remain unchanged. Since becoming an adult and now in my 40’s, I’ve come to understand that no liberty granted to an American citizen should be taken lightly. I am an avid voter and have been since I was 18. I relish in my right to own property; my home is my castle and I simply love it. More recently, I’ve taken advantage of obtaining a college education; with help from the government, by means of student loans and grants, paying for college is a feasible prospect. Even the seemingly menial task of jury duty is a liberty that I have never taken lightly or for granted. All of these liberties are important to me and are my given right as a citizen of the United States and I am infinitely grateful for them.
As I hold those previously mentioned liberties close to my person, there is one particular liberty that I was only recently granted; my right to marry the person I love. As a homosexual, this personal liberty is not something available to me in all states. Gay marriage still eludes much of the country. Moreover, simple recognition and equality have been an uphill battle for homosexuals for well over a century now; even with all the great strides and changes that came about during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, there is currently very little federal protection that prohibits certain types of discrimination based on sexual orientation. In an audio lecture entitled Civil Rights Mid 1960’s, Dr. James Ross-Nassal states “it’s perfectly still legal to say there’s no way in hell that we are going to let a couple of lesbians rent this apartment.” This truth is a bitter pill to swallow for me individually, yet small steps and changes have still managed to occur and take hold. The issue of gay marriage is still in its early stages and the fight continues to build. For the time being, it has been a personal liberty that I have been able to celebrate in many respects, though, just 20 short years ago, I would have never imagined it would ever even happen.
Early on in my life, back in the mid 1980’s, I realized I was unlike just about all of my friends, classmates, and relatives; while other boys were realizing and fawning over the female form, I found myself strangely uninterested in girls. Sure, they were pretty, they acted differently from boys, and generally speaking, they smelled better. But it was plain and simple to me; I knew that an attraction to girls was not my cup of tea. I might not have been able to verbally explain why this was the case for me at the time or even...

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