The Never Ending Cycle Of Prejudice In U.S.A

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America has always struggled with discrimination and prejudice throughout its history. On July 2nd, 1964 the United States took a step in the right direction, when it recognized the principle that all men are created equal with the passage of the Civil Rights Act. The Act outlawed all discrimination formed on the basis of race, religious affiliation, gender or ethnic origin. In addition, it ended racial segregation in educational institutions and in the workplace. However, it can be argued that discrimination and prejudice remain today. America has attempted to stop this by instituting anti-discrimination laws, however the laws can only do so much.
Throughout our history discrimination can be found in every aspect of our society, from the discrimination against Native Americans to discrimination against the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender communities. In an advanced society such as ours, why does discrimination still exist? Its because that people have always needed a scapegoat. A group to blame for all of their worries. America has always had discrimination in its society. After the discrimination against a group subsides, another is found to fill the void. Its a never ending cycle of hatred. Its a problem with no distinctive solution.
To truly grasp why discrimination and prejudice still exist in modern America, one should understand the origin and the definition of both concepts. Discrimination is a prejudicial treatment formed by a person's alignment or perceived alignment towards specific grouping or categorization. This treatment is done in a way that is worse than their normal treatment. The word prejudice is defined as a formation of an opinion before actual facts become available. Discrimination can manifest itself in many different ways, such as gender (sexism),age (ageism), social class (classism), political opinion, disability, sexuality, race/ethnicity (racism), language (languagism), religion, nationality or other personal characteristics. Racism and religious discrimination are the two oldest forms of discrimination, racism can be tracked down to the 3rd century AD, with the Curse of Ham, which believed that dark skinned men are the descendant of Ham on of the three sons of Noah.
Discrimination has a long lasting history in America. From the Native American’s religious discrimination in colonial times to more recent ethnic discrimination against Muslims following the 9/11 attack. American’s, like, people in other societies, appear to find a group to be used as a scapegoat. People seem to need a group that they can hold responsible for all the wrongs they've struggled with.
Up until the Civil War, African Americans were considered to be nothing more than property, hardly human and thus had no rights. Even today, certain classes of people are discriminated against, and this would include a new trend of agism or discrimination against senior citizens. Many types of discrimination still exists in the United States today. ...

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