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The Constant Fight For Just Laws

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Many people believe laws are in place to protect them from danger and each other. Thus inferring they take some sort of control over people's actions. Laws are in place by our government (authority) to control a group of people living in a area together (community) (merriam-webster). These laws should not be broken or a penalty fitting the crime will be given, and those responsible will be sentenced to pay. Although not all laws that are broken are meant to be an act of defilement some are broken to show one's stand on a issue or as solidarity to others. It may be inferred from the actions that Martin Luther King Jr. took that he fought for the rights and the constant injustice he and others lived. King helped move the segregation issue forward by constant battles and by letting his clear, load voice be heard across the nation. As human beings and members of a country with so much to offer, everyone should have a moral obligation to stand up for what they believe in. Fighting injustice in a peaceful and determined way will result in a greater outcome for all.
What makes a fair law and what makes an unjust law? In addition, when can they decide which is which? The answer to this question depends very much on people's understanding and opinion on the status of the law. On this issue it is likely that everyone falls into one of two categories. People falling into the first of these categories would be those who consider that through social contract they are indebted to obey the law, whatever the law states and regardless of their opinion on the moral status of that law ,that they are morally obligated to operate within the law. Furthermore by this way of thinking we can conclude that if the law binds us we must commit to what they consider to be an immoral act then they must be exempt from guilt as their morality dictates that they should obey the law regardless. Those who fall in the other category would therefore believe that they are not bound over to obey the law and that in fact they should be morally obligated to disobey any law that they consider to be immoral and do what they feel to be the right thing. There is however a problem with this situation as were some might use this to commit both unlawful and illegal acts, and simply blame it on fighting for their rights
Things that go up must always come down. Almost everyone knows that this is a true statement and would never deny or oppose its credibility. If a person did not conform to this view, then they would be considered a skeptic and naïve. Martin Luther King Jr. was a genius that had a gift for presenting undisputed arguments that any unprejudiced and reasonable person could not contradict. In Martin Luther King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" a response to the clergyman's prior letter he proves his great communication skills. His response to the criticism of the Alabama clergymen was very effective because of his ability to present a friendly argument in a professional...

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