"The Constant Revolution" Summary Of Important Events That Brought Ireland To The Political Turmoil That It Is Today

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Northern Ireland, IRA, Sinn Fèin, Belfast, The Civil Rights Movement, Bloody Sunday, Derry, British Army, Valhalla, Black and Tans, Michael Collins, The Orange Order, terrorism, Catholics fighting Protestants: these terms come to mind when one reflects on the years of violence and struggle that have plagued Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for so many years. "For centuries, a bloody conflict has raged in Northern Ireland between extremist Protestants, loyal to British rule, and nationalistic Catholics, hoping to be united with the Republic of Ireland." (Pogatchnik) Each time the two warring sides seem to be reaching a point that could end the constant violence, on side ...view middle of the document...

The attempt failed, and those involved in organization were executed. Those who were not executed or imprisoned in the rebellion began a political party called Sinn Fèin, which in old Gaelic means "we ourselves". Dublin newspaper editor, Arthur Griffith, founded Sinn Fèin. His, partner Michael Collins, introduced a plan to the British Parliament to allow Ireland its freedom from British rule. "Collins was brilliant in the plan to unify Ireland. To Britain, he was the one they couldn't catch." (Coogan 48) Ireland, with the exception of Ulster, was granted its freedom from the British Empire on April 14, 1921. Griffith and Collins were both later assassinated by British nationalists because of their work on the plan. However, the foundations that that two had made could not be so easily demolished.By late 1971, violence between Irish Catholics and British Protestants seemed to be rising. Despite the troubles, a group that called itself the Civil Rights Association came about in Northern Ireland, which at the time was protesting against internment without trial, met and organized. The group had planned a march for January 30, 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland."...I could feel the hope that swelled with the singing of 'We Shall Overcome' as they walked down the hill...to where the British Army stood waiting. An irresistible force was about to meet an immoveable object- a perfect metaphor...for the beginning...

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