The Constituion Is A Bundle Of Compromises

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It has been said that the constitution is bundle of compromises. It is my belief that this statements validity is very high. By human nature we do not agree with every idea that is presented to us. When a group of people gets together to make important decisions, there are bound to be constant arguments. Through the use of chronological historical evidence it will become evident in this discussion that during the secretive meeting of the Constitutional Convention; our Constitution was formed based on a collection of compromises.The Great Compromise as it later became known started of with an agreement formed about the Virginia plan. Proposed by the governor of Virginia, Edmund Randolph; this plan called for representation in congress based on a states population. The details of the Virginia plan included the set up of two houses, membership determined proportionally, lower house elected by the people, upper house elected by the lower house, an executive was in power but would only exist to ensure the legislature will was carried out, forms of judiciary, an executive and judiciary would have the power to veto legislation and also a national veto of any state legislation.This plan however created a problem because it did not settle well with the smaller states. Their main objection towards the plan was that in this new plan everything was according to population size of a state. The smaller states feared that larger states would take away their equal suffrage. Therefore William Paterson of New Jersey presented the New Jersey plan to the delegates on June 15, 1787.At this time, the convention was split in half, between the supporters of the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan. To resolve this quarrel the Great Compromise came about. This compromise was enacted so that a solution could be worked out between the squabbling states. The major issue on everybody's mind was the representation. On June 9, 1787 the Virginia plan came to debate. The delegates bickered non-stop, with threats of dissolving the union. But it was one man, Roger Sherman who saved the convention by proposing compromise. Compromising last until July 23 when the delegated finally decided to have two house: the house of representative would house represent of the population, and the Senate would have equal representation; regardless of state or size there would be two senators. . It was on July 23 that the Senate as we know it was formed.At the same time, smaller issues arise and had to be worked out. These issues included fugitive slaves, export taxes, and import taxes. The topic of slavery, although shameful, was another heated topic under debate. The colonies were split once more, but this time it was over the enslavement of blacks in America. Southern delegates argued for slavery because it increased their economy. The northern delegates did not have any affection towards the blacks but they fought to free them, to protect themselves. They believed if the...

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