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The Consumer Society: Advertising And Online Shopping

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This literature wishes to discuss the changes in advertising scopes, spaces of consumption and its activities that have been adopted by the generic culture with the presence of technology under the context of retail online shopping. The existence of digital science has definitely penetrated the scopes of advertising and the spaces of consumption practices in ways that we as millennial shoppers might or may not be aware of.

The concurrent development of science, media and capital under the aegies of digital technology produces a kind of fast forward effect in which everything appears to take place at an accelerated rate and to produce a dramatic change in a very short time. It began with the dawn of Web 1.0 as an instance to receive information or a “read-only” web with minimal user interaction and content contribution, according to Berners-Lee, a British inventor of the World Wide Web (Naik & Shivalingaiah, 2008). Based on the statement we can derive an understanding that Web 1.0 leaves no room for online business or user interaction to take place. This definitely leads us to peruse the changes that were brought by the concept of Web 2.0. The freshly introduced ability to contribute content and interact with other users alters the landscape of the web in short time. Web 2.0 does its justice in putting the “I” in user interface, and the “we” into web of social participation (Naik et al, 2013). Core technologies that secure the presence of Web 2.0 today would be social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, blogs, podcasts and not to be missed, online shops.

The fast-paced development and pervasiveness of information technology have transformed many business practices, at the same time creating new job chances. With no overhead cost such as rent, bills, distribution cost and merchandising expenses, it is natural that under contemporary media environment, new media expanded the range of available channels for businesses to interact with consumers by reworking media content in powerful and active ways (Cantoni, Tardini, 2006). Taking Amazon, the world’s largest online as an example shows the shift towards virtual consumption. Jeff Bezos, the founder of said online store realized that with the new media acting as a portal to connect consumers from different walks of life, he used the social element in technology and creates a marketplace for consumers to purchase normal or luxury goods. In Amazon, consumers can purchase, and browse through a plethora of goods with just one click. (Johnson, 2011) The website provides search optimization, which will cater the results according to your searches. Once signed up as a user, it allows you to save items that you do not plan on buying yet under a wish list and it is available to be shared on social networking sites or emailed to a specific someone (Stone, 2013). This feature actually allows us to point out a significant effect in consumer culture. Celia Lury (1996) emphasized...

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