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The Contemporary Team Approach To Organizational Success Organizational Behavior And Theory Research Paper

1774 words - 8 pages

Cornelia Jammer
PAD 507 Organizational Theory and Behavior
Summer 2017
Final Paper
The Contemporary Team Approach to Organizational Success
Creating a collaborative work environment, where teams are built is the way to increased productivity and organizational success or is it? The concept of team building is an old age argument that dates to our early trendsetters and organizational theorist. There is a substantial amount of evidence that team work leads to a more successful and productive organization and on the contrary, there is data to share that team work can lead to insurmountable issues and difficulties for management and leadership. Scholars share that using a cooperative and collaborative systematic approach to process and operations will increase revenue streams and lessen individual task burden. The intent of this paper is to show motives in which contemporary organizations are dependent upon the team model to ensure organizational productivity. Research confirms the following motives for the team approach: competition promotes efficiency and drives productivity; cooperative systems encourage equity and diminish distinctions directly related to individual performance allowing organizations to award for collaborative effort. Finally, cooperative interaction leads to interpersonal relationships that create a centered and harmonious work environment.
Choosing this topic was directly related to professional observation, with over thirteen years of experience in the emergency management field working for non-profits, witnessing first hand encounters of the effectiveness of team work and the isolation related to working individually. It was most appropriate to inquire as to why collaborative and cooperative system versus individual task work better. It is important to research and find what systems work best to keep productivity moving in the right direction and morale high in the public sector. With the recent disasters, non-profits are working tirelessly to assist families with returning to normalcy in the coming months. Teams are traveling from across the country to assist with rebuild, construction, demolition, laundry and distribution just to name a few elements of assistance.
Through observation, it would be impossible for the work to be done without a collaborative and cooperative process. However, why is this process common in catastrophes and calamity but not present before the devastation. Collaboration and cooperation should be required in the public sector. Focusing on cooperative and collaborative systems will help the learner to gain knowledge and data to use in practical application as research points to the necessity of collaboration. A paper written in the early 90’s based upon Morton Deutsch’s theory of cooperation and competition shares that cooperation produces more intragroup successes and interpersonal acceptance (Bettencourt, et. Al, 1992). Cooperation and Collaboration trumps...

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