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The Future Of Nuclear Power Essay

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Nuclear plants have been generating electricity since 1954. (O'Keefe, O'Brien, Pearsall, 2010) It was very perspective technology, which could change the world. So nuclear power was developed quite fast. Many new nuclear reactors were built in the U.S., Canada, Japan, several European countries, and the former USSR. (Vanek &Albright, 2008) As a result substantial amount of electricity has been generated by nuclear power since 1970. Then in 1973 oil crisis started, therefore many countries thought that this technology can help them to become less dependent on foreign oil. However nuclear power also suffered from this crisis, because it reduced the consumption of electricity. So it was no longer considered a cheap source of energy. (Raja, 2006) Additionally, happened a few accidents that have retarded the development of nuclear energy industry. In 1978 operators couldn’t control properly one nuclear reactor in the U.S. After this accident no new nuclear reactors were built in the U.S. In 1986 happened Chernobyl disaster, when reactor was destroyed. As a result many European countries were disappointed in nuclear energy and began to minimize their nuclear programs. (Vanek &Albright, 2008) However, in the near future it will be needed to replace thousands of fuel stations. Therefore it is very important to choose what can replace them and many countries chose nuclear power. (Hodgson, 2010) Many new nuclear reactors have been built. (Montgomery, 2010) Therefore in recent years the industry has been experiencing renaissance. (O'Keefe, O'Brien, Pearsall, 2010) Moreover, new generation of nuclear reactors will be used in the near future, because experimental reactors have already worked. As a result they will solve most of the problems of nuclear energy. Although there are people, who believe that nuclear power has no perspectives; because consequences of the nuclear accident can cause serious damage to human health, other claim that it can easily replace fossil-fuel energy, because nuclear power is one of the most environmentally friendly and effective ways to produce energy.
In fact, nuclear power is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce large amounts of energy. While nuclear plants generate 20%of U.S. total electricity, it produces only 2000 tons of radioactive waste, whereas the United States coal industry produces 115 million tons of waste, which contains the noxious tidings of mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, and even radiation. It isn’t only emitting million tons of CO2, but it is also pollute the ground. In contrast, nuclear waste is controlled very carefully. It is kept in special storage facilities that prevent the leakage of radiation, while coal withdrawals aren’t controlled so that they can pollute environment. (Montgomery, 2010) Moreover, some experts claim that nuclear power can help to stop global warming. (O'Keefe, O'Brien, Pearsall, 2010) Nowadays nuclear energy prevents more than 8%...

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