The Contrast Of Odysseus’s And Agamemnon’s Fate

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Odysseus and Agamemnon are heroes who fought side by side to take down the city of Troy during the Trojan War. In Homer’s The Odyssey, why is Agamemnon slaughtered when he arrives home while Odysseus returns to find his loved ones still waiting for him? The reasons for the heroes’ differing fates are the nature of their homecoming and the loyalty of their wives.
The difference in Agamemnon’s and Odysseus’s approach of their homeland is a reason for their differing fates. Agamemnon, the king of Argos, returns from Troy after a safe journey. Once he lands on the shores of his native earth, his false sense of security renders him unsuspecting of the possible danger that lurks in his own ...view middle of the document...

This costume is beneficial because it allows him to be amongst his foes, the suitors, to gather information without being discovered. The disguise effectively conceals him and his foes do not suspect a thing because his people are convinced that he is deceased. He uses the gathered knowledge to contrive a plan with his son and two loyal servants to get rid of his wife's suitors. In comparison to Agamemnon, Odysseus was cautious, approached with a disguise, and contrived a plan to eliminate his foes. These actions proved to be successful because Odysseus, unlike Agamemnon, manages to survive and get rid of those who oppose him.
The loyalty of Clytemnestra and Penelope affects their husband’s fate. Agamemnon’s wife, Clytemnestra, betrays her husband and leads him to his death. She first shows her infidelity when she takes Aegisthus as her lover. Aegisthus seduced her and she helped him devise a plan to murder Agamemnon. Being disloyal to her husband, Clytemnestra ignores her husband in his death and does not pay him respect. When Agamemnon speaks with Odysseus in Hades, he says, “But now, in the depth of her villainy, she has branded with infamy not only herself alone, but the whole of her sex, even the virtuous ones, for all times to come.”(151). This quote demonstrates that her disloyalty was unacceptable at the time. Clytemnestra's unfaithfulness to her husband leads him to his downfall.
Penelope, as a foil to Clytemnestra, remains loyal to her husband after his twenty years of absence. Her loyalty is shown when she grieves for him repeatedly throughout the novel and many...

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